Bucket list

23 Oct

Skydiving started it all.
Did the overnight hike to the thermal waters.

I’ve flown by myself

recorded my own CD

Gone to a conference by myself

Been to Italy

Been to SF and Berkeley

Been to New York

Been to New Jersey

Been to Hawaii



been featured in the newspaper

I help my community everyday. Its my job

What’s next:

Bungee jumping

Mardi Gras


helicopter ride

hot air ballon ride



water rafting

create a scholarship fund

learn to play guitarron

learn to play trumpet

start business of dreams

Grandma’s tattoo

swim with the dolphins

watch a really scary movie

Make 1,000 paper cranes

Visit 3 major European countries (Spain, France, Germany)

sing my favorite song to an audience

roll down a grass hill while its raining

visit a waterfall

bury the hatchet with people I have issues with

visit Selena’s grave

step foot in South America

go to one of the major tennis matches (Wimbeldon, Australian, US or French Open)

figure out my favorite song

attend the Olympics

attend a national soccer game

I’ll keep updating as I keep thinking of things

12/15/11 update:

Have a Quincerañera squared for my 30th birthday party

Try another meat (current list: shark, Daffy Duck, fish, chicken, lamb, cow, rabbit, lobster, shrimp, pig, tripas, ceviche)- Maybe snake? Deer?


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