Reflection #2 Education

20 Nov

Call me a pessimist if you may, but it can really seem like an uphill battle being in education. Most of my co-workers (former or present) were shining stars while they were in high school and college. They step into the system and turn into nobodys that can’t even get a positive evaluation from their boss/principal. “Once the kids have gone home for the day, I ask myself ‘what am I doing here between these 4 walls all by myself,'” G quoted ABC (she’s good, isn’t she?). The loneliest of professions. The never ending homework and constantly going back to school to learn new methods. Being a secretary, Ms. Fix it, technology whiz, interior decorator, data analyst, active presenter, actress, mediator, and mentor to students. Getting paid peanuts for the 10-12 hour work days. Over 225 students. 6 periods a day. 30 minute lunches. Not having a life because your career sucks your life from within. Being the old hag like Ms. Bishop? Oh and don’t forget the teachers who are also coaches. I’ve never felt the feeling of being truly mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and not being able to get out of bed until I taught. Why the fuck would anyone want to teach?

We all want to make a difference. We all want to help our students succeed. But at what cost is the profession doing to teachers and administrators?  We all want to teach and make meaningful connections to affect the lives of our youth. But really who wants to go through all of the above? I made a conscious decision to leave the traditional profession. For someone who needs to socialize, for someone who is used to being taken into consideration, for someone who lives and thrives on extra-curricular, for someone who likes to focus on a small group of students, for someone who is single… yeah that was not for me. Why can’t there be some kind of educational reform where class size is only 20 students, 3 periods a day, 1 instructional assistant for the whole day, get paid well, 45 minute lunches, go to training and not have to miss work, get the respect that I deserve, and still get to go home at 4pm? In my dreams…

Fuck it. Maybe I can’t have it all, but I can have part of it. Not everyone fits into the same box. Not everyone is the same. I’ll see how it works starting January. I will keep my fingers crossed for myself.


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