Reflections #3 The Mind

22 Nov

The mind is a powerful weapon. Don’t use it enough and you’re an idiot. Use it too much and you’re an overthinker that probably doesn’t act out as much as you should. Psychological disorders like PTSD, schitzo, and multiple personality disorder? Powerful. Sometimes the mind plays tricks on your self and you begin to believe situations that are not real. Anxiety, depression are all mind related.

When I went skydiving I convinced myself that fear was a mental state of being. I didn’t want to be afraid. I blocked everything that I was afraid of. I came to terms with death and pain because that’s what we’re afraid of when put into a situation like skydiving, right? If I died going up the plane ride, or I fell to my death, or I severely hurt myself I would be ok with that. I also knew that I had to take advantage of such a thrilling opportunity. Now or never!

When I had my wisdom tooth pulled out, I chose not to be put to sleep. I felt the needles of novacaine going into my gums. I felt the cut into the gums and the surgeon cleaning out the tooth from my mouth. I thought I felt him stitch me up. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes that I saw the blood. The whole time I was thinking about my favorite Aterciopelados song “Florecita Rockera” and I was visualizing how to play it on the guitar in my head. My mind went somewhere else.

The mind is a powerful weapon. Keep it safe and keep it sound.


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