Reflections #6- Youth

22 Dec

Youth. Kids. Being 19 again.

Energy. Naive. Dream without reality. College. Fun. Not settling down.

Someone asked me why I always end up doing musical projects or music related projects with young kids.  And I mean kids. When I had my first band, Oh Well Yeah, I saw so much talent in 13 year old, singer/keyboardist, Nat. After OWY broke up, I had her become the lead singer of our new band, Ekfrasis. She was 13! I was asking her to improv song lyrics and melody. We ended up writing a few lame songs about walking to the Gypsy Den. She was 13! Ever since then, I have done several other projects with Nat including the infamous Flans imitation group known as 3 Left Feet and The She Beats. Now The She Beats has been my favorite musical project to date. We practiced once for the group and we sounded soooo good. When I was trying to start the mariachi school, Nat was the lead singer. Now Nat is 19. Wow.

Earlier this year, I started my own group again which is a mariachi. From the beginning, I had my eyes on getting Clarissa in the group. It worked out and we played a few gigs as a group. The girl is going to be famous. I can feel it (like Selena). My dream had been completed with the help of another 13 year old amazingly talented singer.

I spoke to Ruby about me and “youth.” Our conclusion: we need youth in our lives. They still have the energy, the spirit, the drive to continue or complete dreams that us late 20 or early 30 year old grown ups don’t have anymore. We need them for their energy: they need us for our experience, our talent and guidance. Yes, they also learn from us.

For the past few months, I have been in a song writing slump. I write songs or riffs based on my emotions and feelings. Maybe its because I am in a happy zone right now, but I haven’t been been emotional enough to write a song. There also hasn’t been a band creative enough to inspire me. I didn’t even have song writing on my list of things to do during the Thanksgiving or Christmas break. I was like a kid who got tired of their new toy.

Then youth came back into my life again. I went to Jojo’s house last night because she needed help planning her first trip to New York. We ended up on the guitar and on GarageBand discussing singing styles and guitar strums/technique. I was at her house until almost 2 am. But oh did it spark something inside of me. For the first time since I “released” my CD, I got to see and explain the LCD screen of my songs that I wrote. Jojo also came up with a great song writing activity. She played some chords and then told me, “come up with a song based on the following topic: _____.” I had the biggest writers block and struggled, but her innocence and recent heart break was perfect so she flowed right through her songs.

This 19 year old college sophomore sparked my song writing again. Thank goodness for youth. I haven’t started, but now I look at the guitar with some serious appetite to play. Thank goodness for youth.


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