Reflections # 7 Choices (again)

28 Jan

They say that once you hit the floor there is no where to go, but up. On your way back up, you realize the truths and realities that life has to offer. Its also a realization that everyone has their own personal struggles and that children of God it is our duty to help each other during our time of need.

Now that I see people bouncing off the floor, I can say that I understand that people CHOOSE to have their life full of positivity and appreciation of life. Sometimes we hit the floor because of the choices we make or the people we surround ourselves by. We CHOOSE to surround ourselves with positive people. We also CHOOSE to help out others that are in need whether it maybe financially, physically or simply during a time in need.

Babies and dogs have been my inspiration: they do whatever makes them smile, they eat whenever they are hungry, smile when they mean it, and love others unconditionally. On the contrary, adulthood makes us CHOOSE these options instead of doing them instinctively. Life is a choice and I’m thankful that I have the self- will and legal status in this country to CHOOSE what makes me happy. Its always nice to be able to go to work and surround myself with positive people or at least offer an ear or helping hand to those that are hurting on the inside and vice versa: I have some phenomenal co-workers that are my inspiration for positivity in my life or have offered a lending hand. What is more amazing is that I have to see these people everyday and that we still manage to foster our work and personal relationships.


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