Quetzal’s “Jarocho Elegua”

10 Mar

While eating lunch today with an amazing and powerful woman (Chiquita), I began to remember how I first got to encounter my favorite band: Quetzal.

2002. I was still a senior in high school and what was I listening to? Quetzal from East LA. There were so many things going on in their music that I couldn’t even describe it at the time. They were cumbia, but had electric rock guitars, the singer had a beautiful captivating voice, the lyrics talked about being Chicana (huh?), a hypnotically melodic violin and a guitar player that switched to many other little guitars in his set. “Who ARE these guys?” I thought to myself. Each song that I heard from the sucked me into their beautifully crafted world. They were Quetzal.

They are easily the most influential band to me in many respects. Unlike Pastilla or Julieta Venegas, I don’t even try to learn their songs on the guitar because I have so much admiration for their work. They are on tour right now and I hope that they return to SoCal soon because I would love to see them again.




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