“Subasta de Puertas” by Yahir Duran

6 Apr

“Puertas se abren para partirnos en la madre…” (Doors open to kick us in the ass) starts this song by singer-songwriter Yahir Duran. I first heard this song when Ruby Castellanos was beginning to sing at different events and before Taller Sur was formed. Ruby played at Chapman University’s inaugural Generación 2006- Spanish Club event and the club thought it would be great to have the lyrics in Spanish and English displayed behind Ruby while she sang. For years, one of my co-workers bugged me to convince to Ruby play it. The song had truly struck a chord with her. While stummbling around old youtube videos, I finally found the song name and author. I was so happy to have found it.

“Subasta de Puertas” means “Door auction.” Its a bohemian song peppered with a rap filled with a very rhythmic guitar and a melodic chorus. For years I always remembered the chorus of “puertas puertas.” The fuzzy distorted electric guitar in the background makes this song even more unique. The lyrics are a wonderful extended metaphor on the choices and opportunities in life. “Hay puertas grandes hay puertas chica” (There’s big doors and little doors) “y abrirlas no tiene sesos” (and opening them doesn’t require a brain). “Elije cual ha de ser la tuya” (choose which one is yours.”

Here is the full song:


Ruby Castellanos singing “Subasta de Puertas” at 2:45

Here’s another clip


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