Angelica Vale

12 Apr

Angelica Vale has been making me laugh for years. Her spot on imitations of Mexico’s most famous female celebrities are absolutely genius. From hand gestures, body movements, singing voices, smiles, outfits, and phenomenal dialgue Angelica Vale is an A+ imitator. Her work in the show “La Parodia” is what truly convinced me of her talent, but her role of Letty in “La Fea Mas Bella” is her most memorable. She is awesome!

#1 Angelica Vale imitates Paulina Rubio, Veronica Castro, Alejandra Guzman and Thalia.

Paulina Rubio is freakin’ hilarious to listen to with her chilanga/Spaniard accent. She sounds horrible. And Angelica Vale captures the pathetic accent so well. Veronica Castro and her one liners and smile are awesome in this sketch. In addition, the imitation of Alejandra Guzman’s on stage antics are well done by Angelica. She cusses out the camera, creates a scene, and captures Guzman’s hilarious laugh. But the BEST is the imitation of the always ditzy and child sounding ex- Timbiriche, Thalia. Rumors have circulated around Thalia in regards to her nose jobs and rib removal surgery hence Angelica’s shirt that says, “Costillas Completas.” (I want that shirt!). The child like annoying voice, ditzy comments (she happily mentions that she married Sony Records owner Tommy Motola), and lack of logical comments that leave her sounding like an airhead.


#2 Mala Nacha No con Lucia Mendez y Veronica Castro

Again, a phenomenal imitation of Veronica Castro. From her opening sequence with the smoking background, fan in her face, and  freeze frames to the deep voiced laugh, Angelica’s imitation is spot on. In a split screen skit, Angelica also imitates the always conceited Lucia Mendez and her arrogant persona. The best is the quick paced dialogue that allows the media created real life rivalry between Mendez and Castro: HILARIOUS! The best is Angelica singing “Macumba,” Castro’s trademark song. And who remembers “Don Corazon” by Lucia Mendez? LOLs!


# 3 Maria la Del Barrio (parodia)

A 20 minute parody of Thalia’s starting role in “Maria la del Barrio,” this skit is, in my opinion, the best of “La Parodia’s” sketches. This is a great take on the hilarious yet highly successful telenovelas known as the “3 Marias” (Maria Mercedes, Maria la del Barrio and Marimar). From the opening song, sung by Angelica, to the end, this skit is full of comedic detail that took me 2 or 3 times to watch and figure out. First, Angelica captures Thalia’s ditzy and childlike voice and overdramatic performance (check 12:10). Second, the sketch writers of “La Parodia” snuck in Jitomata and Perejila, the cross dressing perverted cooks, that serve as a chorus/commentary during the sketch. Check 4:01 for Perejila. Their double entendre jokes are OMG!!!!! at 8:46. Arath de la Torre is also one of the best imitators in the Spanish speaking world and he does a great job as the rich self obsessed bachelor.



#4 Polecias

OK this one is funny because Jitomata y Perejila come out as transvestive prostitutes and Angelica Vale is trying to arrest them. This is a parody of “Cops.”  Look for the twitch in Angelica’s eye and the double entendre of Jitomata y Perejila.My favorite line, “Soy una perdida!” LOLs!





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