Mariachi Cobre- El Pecador

24 May

Mariachi Cobre is the most underrated mariachi in the world. They barely release any CD’s, are hardly on TV, and NEVER come out on the radio. However, they specialize in teaching students all over the USA during mariachi conferences. Their “big” claim to fame is that they are the Official Mariachi of Walt Disney World and receive their paychecks from Mickey Mouse.

This song is about a person that has done many things that he/she regrets, but he asks for mercy on his/her loved one. The violins are BEAUTIFUL in this song. THe vocals are flawless and sound opera-like: their trademark and distinction in the mariachi world.



This song showcases the guitar/vihuela section. Omar (guitar) has been my teacher when I go to the mariachi conferences and he just makes playing the guitar look SO easy.

Mariachi groups rarely play this song. Another reason that Cobre is awesome. They play songs that are rarely played by the traditional “hey let’s play all of Vicente and Jose Alfredo’s songs” mariachi group. Gotta love this rendition of Lucha Villa’s song.


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