10 Jun

I first tried pho for the first time about 2 years ago when some friends of a friend decided to go there after a basketball game. I didn’t think too much of it at first, but afterward I couldn’t stop thinking about the flavor. I normally don’t like any kind of soups. I’m not a liquids kind of person. However, I decided to find the best pho in the area. When the OC Weekly had a “Best Pho” tournament where the best columnists tried 16 pho places and eventually chose the winner, I knew I had to try out the places and decide for myself. Plus, I also went on yelp to figure out where people think I should go get a food bowl of pho. Below is a list of all the places I have eaten pho at  and my rating of each place on a scale of 1 to 10.

Pho Than Lich  14500 Brookhurst St. Westminster, CA

Chicken Pho – 9.5

I need to try beef pho. This place was the  winner in the final pho tournament. Definitely worth returning to.


Pho 54  15420 Brookhurst St. Westminster, CA

Chicken pho- 7.5

Good cheap pho with lively atmostphere of all ages. They are open 24 hours (I think). The pho didn’t stand out, but the prices did.


Pho Nguyen Hue’s  10487 Bolsa Ave., Westminster

chicken pho – 7

Lots of chicken in the soup, but didn’t have much flavor. The place was very nice and had a friendly atmosphere. I need to go back for beef pho.


Pho 86 14576 Brookhurst St., Westminster

Beef pho- 8 – That is what they are known for: beef pho. Tasted very clean and fresh, but the thin tripe that was included in the soup did gross me out a bit.


Pho Tang Long 9550 Bolsa Ave., Ste. 115F Westminster

Chicken pho 6- I absolutely don’t remember anything about this place except that the pho was meh. 


Pho Vie 8066 McFadden Midway City

Chicken pho- 2 . Worse pho ever. I’m lucky I didn’t get sick. The noodles were super hard. The chicken was not cooked well. No flavor. Ewww. I gave it a 2 for not making me sick.


Pho Thanh 9625 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, CA

Chicken pho- 9.75 .This is the first place that I have ever had pho. I have been there several times and they are consistent with flavor. However I have not been there since I began to try other places.  Sometimes they have 50% off pho.


Pho Quang Trung  9211 Bolsa Ave Ste 101-103  Westminster

Chicken pho -9.5 : I remember thinking:  that’s why everyone kept saying it was memorable: because it is. Pho tasted clean and really yummy.


Pho 79  9941 Hazard Ave Garden Grove, CA 92643

Chicken pho- 9.99. I have never completely finished a bowl of pho before until pho 79. I don’t know exactly what made this pho so good, but I can’t seem to forget it.


Pho Binh  3839 W First St Santa Ana

chicken pho- 7 – The cheapest pho you will find in town. Very friendly family atmosphere with non-Vietnamese in the restaurant. However they have very watered down pho.


88 Pho 220 W 1st St Ste 103 Santa Ana

Chicken pho- 7- Another watered down pho place. Didn’t have much flavor, but I give them credit for setting shop in the middle of Santa Ana.


AuLac 16563 Brookhurst Street  Fountain Valley

“Chicken” pho (vegan pho)- 8.5

The first time I tried this pho I thought it was the best thing ever, but it was one of the first bowls of pho I have ever tried. I tried it about 3 months ago and meh! Real chicken will always taste better. However, this is a vegan pho so it can’t compare to the real thing. As far as quality of flavor for being imitation pho, its awesome.


To try:

Pho Dakao    15532 Ward St.   Garden Grove, CA

Brodard Chateau, 9100 Trask Ave., Garden Grove, (714) 899-8273;

Quan Hop, 15640 Brookhurst St., Westminster

Pho Kimmy, 14932 Bushard St., Westminster


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