Eva Maria y La Quebradita

12 Jun

My sister and her fiance are getting my dad an Ipod classic for fathers day. I’m helping out by buying the accessories and uploading all of his CD collection on the desktop. My dad is a music whore like myself, but I’m much worse. A certain set of CDs grabbed my attention: the quebradita CDs. Banda Machos, Banda Maguey, Banda Vallarta Show (they stole most of their hits from the pre-regeaton era of “El General”) and such. Quebradita is such a creative twist to the traditional banda that had been popularized by Banda El Recodo. Quebradita replaced the tuba with an electric bass, used a keyboard as a part of the rhythm section, used a lot of speeding up and slowing down, and made dancing to banda FUN with hilarious almost pointless lyrics. Take “Las Nachas” by Banda Machos. The singer uses a hilarious play on words using the name of two girls named Nacha and a slang term for “booty” in Spanish. And who writes a song named “El Gato y el Raton.”?  Ah and don’t forget the dress attire that was SO popularized because of Quebradita. And the crazy kicks and dance moves too!

And so I leave you with “Eva Maria” in honor of the Energizer Bunny also known as my turbokickboxing teacher 🙂


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