I got inked

30 Jul




Cross this one off the bucket list. Yesterday I finally went to get my tattoo in honor of my grandma and grandpa. I originally went to make the appointment the day of 10th anniversary of my grandma’s death anniversary hoping that someone could just do it and get it out of the way. My cousin recommended an artist by the name of “L” at Outer Limits in Orange. She has an amazing online archive of her previous work. I schedule the appointment and after my own rescheduling and an injury to L, the big day finally came.

I stayed in the previous night, slept in, did a few stretches to ease out the nerves and then picked up a friend. We got there and L was not prepared and was putting finishing touches on the tattoo. I ended up waiting an hour before finally going in. By then it was 1pm, and since I was quoted for 1.5 hours I figured I would go in and out in time to eat lunch. I felt mentally prepared and sat down in something that resembled a massage chair. L started her work and it didn’t actually feel painful. It felt annoying, but not painful. 10 minutes into the “experience” my body put up a white flag and I began to sweat like crazy and feel really dizzy. My godmother, who had arrived by then, and L’s voice were beginning to fade so  I put my hand up. Immediately, L gave me a sugar tablet and water. My pressure had dropped probably from nerves. We stopped for about 15 minutes while I recovered. L said its super common for that to happen especially for first timers. It also didn’t help that I was so close to lunch time and hungry. My friend snuck in a Raw Revolution Bar (hi Energizer Bunny!) and I ate it while L used the restroom. I was good after that. The pain factor didn’t come in until the last 20 minutes when the shading and color was being done. I was also tired of sitting down and getting impatient.

The end result: truly amazing. The bouquet of calla lilles represents my grandma. When she married, she was holding a bouquet of calla lillies. They were her favorite flowers. My cousin has a single calla lilly tattoo on her back representing my grandma. My tattoo has 6 calla lillies. I haven’t said anything, but each one represents my dad and 4 siblings plus my grandma. They are held together by a chain. The chain represents my grandpa who was a rockabilly and wore a chain than hung outside his front pocket. He always wore slicked back hair and jeans. However, the man was born in Santa Monica and loved his Antonio Aguilar music so he wore his black cowboy boots every day. My grandpa is actually my step grandpa whom my grandma married while she was a widow thus enabling her to legally bring my dad and his siblings to the U.S. Because of him, we were all able to live our lives in a legal manner.

So here it is:


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