Really Pop En Español

30 Aug

Top 8

Disclaimer: I am a huge sexist when it comes to pop. Unless its done with a nice deep man voice, I cannot stand to hear men sing pop songs especially those like sound like they are crying and in a high voice (a la Reyli, Sin Bandera etc. ). So with that note, the artists below are all women except for Miguel Bose who has a real man voice.

1. Selena- Amor Prohibido (1994)

One of the best pop CD’s of all time. Selena’s flexible voice in various genres (including the early version of reggeaton) is great in this piece of art. It’s one of AB Quintanilla III’s best creations filled with radio hits that made its way to the charts a whole year before Selena’s death. “Amor Prohibido,” “No Me Queda Mas” “Fotos y Recuerdos” “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Si Una Vez” were all on the billboard charts during this time. This is the CD that went on to make Selena a legend even before her death.


2. Shakira- Pies Descalzos (1996)

Best Shakira CD ever. Her then “new” singer-songwriting style probably influenced a whole lot more people than she will ever know.  So simple yet straight to the point yet her lyrics are so intense and full of passion. Shakira’s “Estoy Aqui” displayed a flowing almost rap like chorus.  Don’t forget everyone’s favorite “first love” song : “Antologia” which has made Shakira cry in live performances several times.  This CD has 4 radio friendly hits yet the whole CD is packed with so much talent. Shakira was only 18 when the CD was released.


3. Julieta Venegas- MTV Unplugged (2008)

When you have JV and Natalia Lafourcade mixed with a mini-orchestra, you know something huge is going to happen. Add guest vocalists by Juan Son and La Mala Rodriguez and you have the best, if not one of the best, MTV Unplugged performances of all time.


4. Julieta Venegas- Si (2003)

Yup. She achieved radio friendly pop perfection from one CD to the next. Three of those songs became massive hits and the list of awards started to roll in for her. “Lento” “Andar Conmigo” “Algo Esta Cambiando” and “Oleada” were all on the radio or had a music video.

5. Miguel Bose- Papito (2007)

His classics were brought back to life by Shakira, Julieta Venegas, Paulina Rubio, Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini and more.  “Si Tu No Vuelves,” “Nena,” “Bambu,” and “Te Amare” are all beautifully executed. The duet with Shakira is absolutely breath taking and exposes Shakira’s ability to use her voice as a weapon of passion.


6. Selena- Dreaming of You (1995)

The woman had an all-star cast of the English and Spanish language working on her CD. Too bad only a few songs were finalized before she died. In my opinion, she began the Latin crossover wave that hit big in 1999 with Ricky Martin. This CD again shows Selena’s versatility as a singer. “I Could Fall in Love” “Dreaming of You” and her version of “Tu Solo Tu” went on to become synonymous with Selena’s image.

7. Shakira- Donde Estan Los Ladrones? (1998)

The balance between being a rockstar and being a popstar? The title was held by Shakira with this CD at the beginning of her “selling out” to the Estefans. “Ciega Sordomuda,” “Inevitable,” “Tu” and the unforgettable “Ojos Asi” (weak lyrics, great music) round out this CD.

8. Paulina Rubio- Paulina (2000)

From sexy to femme fatale to romantic to dance club hits to pop rock, Paulina recorded a masterpiece CD that makes you want to get sexy. Her best complete CD before she caught that annoying Spanish-Chilanga accent. The sexy guitar in “Lo Hare Por Ti,” the ranchera/dance hybrid of “El Ultimo Adios,” the catchy “Y Yo Sigo Aqui” and female power anthem “Yo No Soy Esa Mujer” top this CD.


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