Zoe-Luna (MTV Unplugged)

16 Sep

Being a music teacher during the day AND in the after school program can be quite hectic and incredibly tiring. Even though I have a “set” schedule, its hard to keep track of meetings, planning times etc. The last 4 weeks have been intense like nobody’s business!!

I had a great personal moment this week while teaching my students the 7 elements of music (tempo, timbre, dynamics, form, harmony, melody, and rhythm). I needed a song that was different than they were used to hearing yet had a great use of the 7 elements. I decided to chose  Zoe’s MTV Unplugged version of “Luna” featuring Denise/Lo Blondo from the group Hello Seahorse! I was hesitant since the song is in Spanish and some students automatically get turned off to anything from their parent’s homeland or something that they can’t understand. Too bad because they attend a dual immersion charter school in a city with 97% Latinos.


The response was truly amazing. I felt like Zoe’s proud parent. The dual immersion class reacted with “wow,”  ‘that was amazing” and “I need to youtube this group when I get home.” The other 2 groups said, “can you please play that again?” and “I think I want to cry because it’s so beautiful.”

The Latin Alternative scene has suffered so much from lack of exposure and people who say its a cheap version of mainstream rock in the USA. To me Latin Alternative is the underdog of mainstream music and the genre that I have cheered SO much for the last 15 years or so. I’ve been a fan of this genre since I was in high school so to see a group of students react so positively to a style of music that I adore so much, almost brought a tear to my eye. Definitely a proud parent 🙂


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