The L Word?

23 Oct

Love of course! Is it possible to say it too much? I remember having an argument with someone a few years ago:


“People always say ‘I love ice cream’ or ‘I loooove my new car.’ Its just used and abused and has lost its meaning,” she said.

“True, but it also depends on the context in which its used. You don’t tell someone ‘I love you’ all the time and then don’t really mean it,” I replied.

“You use it all the time!  ‘Looove it!'” She mocked me. “You can’t even control yourself!” She told me with an angry tone in her voice.

Then, of course, I added logs to the fire with my sarcasm and told her, “I loooove you!” “I love it!” as I pointed to her booty.

Of course, being the person she was, she turned red, got pissed off, mumbled something to the person next to her, and then the professor called time. We were in the middle a 3 person group discussion during my graduate studies and this was the “group” topic that this one so- called friend of mine, a classmate, and myself were supposed to be discussing. Poor classmate who got stuck in the middle of two crazy Latinas. The classmate just kept turning her head from side to side looking at us while we were talking, wanting to jump in the conversation, but afraid that one of us was going to lose it on her.

Well fast forward a few years and, yes, I still stand firm that the “l” word – love- can be used a lot, but can be used differently according to context. Its ok to say “I love it!” when talking about the Energizer Bunny’s latest smoothie or my mom’s birria. But when its time to say it to a person’s face and tell them that they have a spot reserved in your heart forever, you better look at them straight in the eye and tell them like you mean it. Tell them “I love you!” accompanied with a meaningful hug or a kiss.

What happened to the girl I had this argument with? After that minimal yet foreshadowing lively discussion, she is someone whom I no longer someone I consider a friend 🙂


Love it.


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