Amanditita – La Muy Muy

18 Nov

Amanditita is the Queen of the Anar-cumbia. She makes fun of the hilariously generic rhythm of the cumbia which dates back to at least the 1950’s. Most of the topics in a cumbia are about sex, double entendre, making fun of female body parts, shallow topics or complete fantasy like mermaids. Cumbias are party songs and are catchy, but most are never put too much into when they are being created.

Amanditita turned heads when she released a CD of socio-economic parodies. Much “worse” she is super short and not physically attractive like most commercially marketed artists. My two favorites are “Metrosexual” which is a hilarious account of her metrosexual boyfriend and “La Muy Muy” which is about a plastic, fake woman that treats others badly. One of my favorite’s is also “La Cumbia del Telmex” which makes fun of the Mexican government, monopolization of the phone companies, and the poverty rate.

Amanditita also collaborated with Don Cheto, an immensly popular DJ from Los Angeles known for sporting a fake Michoacan accent. Their result is a parody of “La Muy Muy” called “El Muy Muy” a parody of a Mexican illegal immigrant whom becomes a US Citizen and turns his back on his culture.

Here is “La Muy Muy” followed by “El Muy Muy”


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