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Successful and Unsuccessful People

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December 2012

22 Dec

My sister felt the need to tell me today that I quit my job 2 years ago simply because my “unconscious” wanted me to go back to OCEAA. I chose not to say anything because we were having a family dinner that doesn’t happen often now that she doens’t live with us anymore. Really I did all that crazy drama to go be a sub at a school that didn’t want me in 2008? I totally knew that there was an opening in the KEDS program in the next 5 months, right? I also knew that Dani was going to conceive the idea of having me start a guitar/violin program a year after I was hired, correct? I also knew that Gabby was going to be the one to publicly announce that I wanted to start a mariachi school and then bend over backwards in creating an art auction to raise funds, right? Ahhhh immature 26 year olds make me wonder….

I went through my files and found this which I wrote in June 2011 reflecting on my whole job quitting experience:

What have I learned? To take one day at a time. To enjoy and celebrate life whenever we can. To smile and be thankful of what is in front of me. To savor every moment like it was your last on earth. To have no regrets. To show others that you care for them. Live everyday as it if were your last. To count my blessings because I do work with an amazing group of people. To be free spirited and not be confined to the “box.” To build your own path even though some people may not understand you. To be strong and to stay away from negative energy. To do what I love. Good things happen to good people. God loves me and loves everyone. God is the supreme being and I will follow his words. Real friends will be there in times of true need. I know who mine are now. Even though they will not be there 100% of the time, I know which ones truly love me.

What do I have now that I didn’t have in September 2010? I’m stronger. I can do just about anything without being afraid. I took the leap of faith and I’m still alive. I am surrounded by love at work and I am respected.  I didn’t have to prove myself. I taught without killing myself.. Look what I have done. Money cannot buy these experiences. I love this choice that I have made in life and even though my own family doesn’t understand, even though I’m not done with some of the changes, I am happy and thankful for everything that has happened to me. God is great and works in amazing ways.

Things I Learned about Jenni Rivera this weekend

18 Dec

A few things I learned about Jenni Rivera since thats all my mom and I just about watched this weekend:

1. She had been vegan for about a year before her death! That explains her weight loss and even her sudden drastic improvement in her voice. Power to you sista’!

2. Jenni had been a victim of domestic violence by the same man who sexually abused her sister and oldest daughter. What a group of powerful women to recover from this!

3. Jenni had a BA in business administration. I can’t pinpoint which unversity though

4. Jenni was a hilarious sense of humor in her music, but even better sense of humor in real life as seen by watching hours of her reality show “I Love Jenni.” She always had her mind in the gutter, but that is what made her so funny. For example, there is an episode where she is making chorizo for her husband. Her youngest and oldest sons walk in and the youngest asks, “mom, why does chorizo have a casing?” and Jenni says, “Its the way chorizo should be. Wrapped in a casing so that it don’t get a girl pregnant like your older brother.” LOL Both of her sons turn bright red at the comment.

5. When first starting to live as a single mom, Jenni moved her family to Compton where her home was burglarized several times. Her kids were old enough to remember being sent to the store to buy groceries with food stamps.

You can watch full episodes of “I Love Jenni” here:

Jenni Rivera quotes

10 Dec

From OC Weekly – 2003

“They’re going to think of a woman who’s real,” Rivera says when asked how she will be remembered. “They’ll think about a woman who went through hell and back and never gave up. No one else has ever opened doors for me—I opened them myself. And people have a problem with women who do that. They have a problem when we’re no longer as passive and submissive as, say, their mothers were growing up. Too bad. I say what I say, and I do what I do. I’m me.


From her last interview hours before her death

“I can’t get caught up in the negative because that destroys you. Perhaps trying to move away from my problems and focus on the positive is the best I can do. I am a woman like any other and ugly things happen to me like any other woman,” she said Saturday night. “The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up.”


From her song “Mi Vida Loca” from the CD “Mi Vida Loca II”

“Que hablen y digan lo que quieran al fin que les importa a si como soy yo … Voy a regresar a Playa Larga (Long Beach) voy a visitar al barrio que llevo en mi corazon”

Jenni Rivera

10 Dec

OK so she was someone who had a huge number of positives and also a huge number of negatives. Its safe to say that her  positives outweighed her negatives. Sure she couldn’t sing very well and people would argue that she was “ghetto,” couldn’t speak Spanish very well, and contributed to having young Latinas act out like a malandrina – a party girl who drank, had sex and spoke just like the men. Jenni even had a sex tape that was leaked all over the internet. Yup, quite controversial. However, you have to focus on her positives.

Jenni has been the most successful female banda singer in history. Not only do her records sold (about 20 million) tell of her popularity, but her concerts were frequently sell outs. She was one of the few Latinas to sell out back to back nights at the Nokia theatre and the Staples Center. The night of her death she performed to 17,000 people with many more being unable to get inside.

Putting the numbers aside, her musical work is still something that nobody has been able to replicate. Jenni began her musical career singing simple narcocorridos and glamorizing the malandrina lifestyle. She was esentially a chola from the ‘hood singing with banda. While I don’t agree with the song topics, Jenni was banned from radio stations and was told everywhere that she wasn’t proper. Gustavo Arellano (another controversial figure) wrote a story on Jenni in 2003 and mentions that Mexican culture is still stuck in seeing a woman as a virgen or a whore. Jenni was somewhere in the middle and Mexican mainstream society couldn’t handle it. A woman was supposed to be submissive and follow a man’s orders. You would figure that in the 2000’s women would have broken free from the chains of machismo. However, in a country that recently ended a 70 year dictatorship and still condones anyone who isn’t Catholic, this is a big deal.

In the early 2000’s Jenni recorded “Se Las Voy a Dar a Otro” and “Mi Vida Loca II.” I admire both CDs because both show that Jenni could somewhat sing, but because she also shows what many Mexican- Americans want to show, but are afraid to show. In the front of both CDs she appears clean cut, classy with a beautiful. In the back of the CD she is either dressed in a leather jacket on a motorcycle wearing a bandana or flashing the westside sign. Its a symbol of being Mexican-American. You are BOTH worlds and are proud of it. Her song topics: covers of “Angel Baby,” Freddie Fender, “I Will Survive” and other cult classics in the Mexican-American world. My favorite song is “El Nopal” using a metaphor of a cactus to describe her disdain of a man she once loved. One of my favorites is also “Dama Divina” a song that mentions all the popular mainstream media stars and then says that she is nothing like them; in fact she is a divine woman. Sure she also wrote a song called “Ovarios” because according to her, if men can write songs about their balls then she can write one about her ovaries too.

On a personal note, “Se Las Voy a Dar a Otro” was played at least 5 times on a road trip to Mexico and the CD “La Gran Señora” is literally stuck in my mom’s CD player and is played at least 5 times a week at full blast.

Rest in Peace Jenni and thank you for bringing pride to Mexican-Americans and later Mexicans without selling out your body or the essence of your personality.

Dama Divina

El Nopal

Mariposa del Barrio (live)



The Grammy’s

7 Dec

The Grammy’s are finally recognizing some bad ass singers I am a huge fan of. Congrats to Quetzal, Carla Morrison, and Ana Tijoux!! I hope one of you takes home the trophy. I’ve been blogging about these 3 groups for a while so YES!!!

Best Latin Rock, Urban Or Alternative Album
“Campo” – Campo
“Déjenme Llorar” – Carla Morrison
“Imaginaries” – Quetzal
“Electro-jarocho” – Sistema Bomb
“La Bala” – Ana Tijoux


3 Dec

“Change is a part life. It is happening all the time, but sometimes the changes are more obvious than others.” – a friend’s husband.