Things I Learned about Jenni Rivera this weekend

18 Dec

A few things I learned about Jenni Rivera since thats all my mom and I just about watched this weekend:

1. She had been vegan for about a year before her death! That explains her weight loss and even her sudden drastic improvement in her voice. Power to you sista’!

2. Jenni had been a victim of domestic violence by the same man who sexually abused her sister and oldest daughter. What a group of powerful women to recover from this!

3. Jenni had a BA in business administration. I can’t pinpoint which unversity though

4. Jenni was a hilarious sense of humor in her music, but even better sense of humor in real life as seen by watching hours of her reality show “I Love Jenni.” She always had her mind in the gutter, but that is what made her so funny. For example, there is an episode where she is making chorizo for her husband. Her youngest and oldest sons walk in and the youngest asks, “mom, why does chorizo have a casing?” and Jenni says, “Its the way chorizo should be. Wrapped in a casing so that it don’t get a girl pregnant like your older brother.” LOL Both of her sons turn bright red at the comment.

5. When first starting to live as a single mom, Jenni moved her family to Compton where her home was burglarized several times. Her kids were old enough to remember being sent to the store to buy groceries with food stamps.

You can watch full episodes of “I Love Jenni” here:


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