December 2012

22 Dec

My sister felt the need to tell me today that I quit my job 2 years ago simply because my “unconscious” wanted me to go back to OCEAA. I chose not to say anything because we were having a family dinner that doesn’t happen often now that she doens’t live with us anymore. Really I did all that crazy drama to go be a sub at a school that didn’t want me in 2008? I totally knew that there was an opening in the KEDS program in the next 5 months, right? I also knew that Dani was going to conceive the idea of having me start a guitar/violin program a year after I was hired, correct? I also knew that Gabby was going to be the one to publicly announce that I wanted to start a mariachi school and then bend over backwards in creating an art auction to raise funds, right? Ahhhh immature 26 year olds make me wonder….

I went through my files and found this which I wrote in June 2011 reflecting on my whole job quitting experience:

What have I learned? To take one day at a time. To enjoy and celebrate life whenever we can. To smile and be thankful of what is in front of me. To savor every moment like it was your last on earth. To have no regrets. To show others that you care for them. Live everyday as it if were your last. To count my blessings because I do work with an amazing group of people. To be free spirited and not be confined to the “box.” To build your own path even though some people may not understand you. To be strong and to stay away from negative energy. To do what I love. Good things happen to good people. God loves me and loves everyone. God is the supreme being and I will follow his words. Real friends will be there in times of true need. I know who mine are now. Even though they will not be there 100% of the time, I know which ones truly love me.

What do I have now that I didn’t have in September 2010? I’m stronger. I can do just about anything without being afraid. I took the leap of faith and I’m still alive. I am surrounded by love at work and I am respected.  I didn’t have to prove myself. I taught without killing myself.. Look what I have done. Money cannot buy these experiences. I love this choice that I have made in life and even though my own family doesn’t understand, even though I’m not done with some of the changes, I am happy and thankful for everything that has happened to me. God is great and works in amazing ways.


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