Events of 2012

1 Jan

The previous post on lessons and quotes I learned in 2012. This post is on important events in my life :

1. I got to start an after school music program from scratch. Its also the start of a bigger career dream which I hope takes off in 2013.

2. Health: I have been exposed to healthy eating and there is no turning back from it. Once you know you can’t ignore 🙂

3. Fitness: Sooo important in life!

4. Softball: When I was little, I dreamed of playing in a softball team. My parents never had any money to put me in a league or team even though I begged so much. In 6th grade I tried out for the school team and didn’t make the cut. In 7th grade, my PE coach saw how badly I wanted to be on the team and gave me a spot on the JV team. I played 7th and 8th grade softball with her as my coach and will forever be thankful for that opportunity. I didn’t make the team in high school so I turned to tennis. Almost 15 years later, my godmother asked me to join her softball team. Of course I sucked, but I worked hard and my team mates gave me advice. For about 3 years, I struggled making mistakes and striking out on a consistent basis. Then with the surge of health and fitness in my life, the softball pieces finally came together. I began to hit into the outfield for the first time in my life. I am the catcher that other teams fear because I’m so aware of where the runners are at all times. I began to be fearless: my scarred knees prove it. I ended December with a .350 batting average, a feat that even some of the best baseball players in the major leagues don’t achieve.

5. I got to play my guitar with great vocalist once again. Ahh former co-worker with the great voice: thanks for completing my once a year goal of playing my guitar with a great vocalist.

6. My Grandpa’s passing: This was extremely difficult on so many levels. However, I am thankful that he lived a complete life full of a rags to riches story. His later years were much more modest, but he was surrounded by family at all times. His funeral was extremely touching because of the tribute the town’s municipal government gave him and the overwhelming support and comradery from the town and family. On a brighter note: I met family members that I had never met before and was able to develop an extensive family tree from my grandfather’s side.

7. My sister’s wedding: It was intense craziness for about 6 months, but it was totally worth the smiles and good times and even tears.

8. My return to the day teacher world: At one point in 2010 and possibly 2011, I didn’t think this was ever going to happen again. It took me a while to even come to terms with teaching on my own again. I’m thankful for the school where I work for embracing me and making this a reality again. In addition, I was able to return “home” to SAHS as a teacher/performer. I love teaching music.

9. Mariachi Nationals conference at OCC: When Jose Hernandez (Mariachi Sol de Mexico founder, composer, producer), William Gradante (mariachi lecturer, textbook author and teacher), Joe Solis (Texas HS mariachi teacher), Marcia Neel (mariachi academic and textbook author),  Julissa (lead violin from Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles), and Alex and Rosa Ceja (Mariachi Capistrano – non profit) know who you are as you are walking around and even call you by your first name, life is good 🙂 My sister paid for half of my conference tuition for my birthday. I learned so much from these mariachi elite that I am still processing what I have learned.

10. Best birthday in a really long time. Friends and family that I cared about were a part of it. Plus see above.

11. Madonna/ Ana Tijoux/Cafe Tacuba/ Dodger game/ getting inked: Madonna = a childhood dream come true. My first memory playing an instrument is being at my cousin’s house learning to play a piano. My cousin taught me to read notes in 5 minutes and then showed me the opening 2 measures of Madonna’s “Material Girl” because that is the song that she was learning. Then I taught myself the rest of the line. So Madonna and I go back a while.

Ana Tijoux: Singing, rapping,  socially conscious, beauty, and telling a person from El Centro Cultural de Mexico that they are wrong and need to shut up. Hee hee. Awesome

Cafe Tacuba: All you can do is admire this group

Dodger game: That was awesome even with nose bleed section seats.

getting inked: see related post

12. Jenni Rivera/school violence/June 1st: School violence, lockdowns, and death got too close to home. Still dealing with this one, but all I can do is live life and always be aware of my surroundings.


I know 2013 is going to be an exciting year and I feel great going into 2013!


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