Quotes and Lessons Learned from 2012

1 Jan

Reflecting on 2012, these are a few quotes/lessons learned- in particular order

1. To be strong and stay away from the negative energy. I officially cut off some people from my life.

2. To savor every moment as if it were last breath on earth/enjoy and celebrate life whenever we can. Too many scary lessons through world, local, work and family events definitely nailed this home.

3. Humor goes a long way even if your sense of humor is different from everyone else. LOL!

4. It doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down: its getting up that counts. Definitely a re-occurring lesson seen in “Rocky” movies, but especially popularized through Jenni Rivera’s death.

5. Yup I can be ghetto… you got a problem with dat?      Thank you fellow after school receptionist for helping me embrace that ha ha

6. Embrace change even though it can be hard to do so. Still working on this one.

7. “take the best and leave the rest”/ “lo que no sirve a la basura”, Yup!

8. do vs. talk ( practice vs. theory). The people that actually “do” are essentially the true geniuses because they act out on something. However, you can’t ignore the theory either because it definitely works as background knowledge.

9. Babies and dogs as inspiration because they do and act whatever makes them happy. I love my dog and I learn from my own kids 🙂

10. The true realization of who is important in my life even though deep down inside I have known who they were. This mainly includes friends, but even family has shown their true colors.


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