Man voices

23 Jan

My homie Zoila and I had a great conversation a while ago about “man voices.” Basically, its hard to find a man attractive when he has a thin “womanly” voice. Here is my top 15 “man voices” en español.


Miguel Bose – Como Un Lobo

I’m a pop fan. Its a huge relief to hear Miguel Bose bring a real man voice back into pop music. I’m sooo over high pitched male voices in modern radio. What makes him even better to look at? His openly flamboyant moves 🙂

or if you prefer the younger much more  flamboyant Miguel Bose

Ricky Martin – Tu Recuerdo

I remember listening to this song on the radio and thinking, “wow what a beautiful sensual song! Who is that singing? Ricky Martin?!” This song is absolutely beautiful and Ricky’s voice shows off its true musically experienced colors. I almost forgot about “La Vida Loca” with this song.

Traditional Pop

Jose Jose- El Triste

How can you not look or listen to someone with this voice? The women in this video were throwing flowers at him before he was half way done with this song. The crowd gave him a standing ovation and brought the judges to tears. Enough said.

Juan Gabriel – A Mi Guitarra (acoustic)

Any pop star that chooses to go live on stage with only his guitar deserves major accolades. When you have written thousands of songs for yourself and other artists, you just plain old kick ass as a legend.

Camilo Sesto- Jamas

He is freaky looking with his piercing blue eyes and intense gaze, but the man can sing and I know any woman growing up in the late 70’s would be all over this voice.

Raphael- Yo Soy Aquel

The man sings with so much emotion that he is almost jumping out of his skin. He represented Spain in the Eurovision vocal competition. What an interpretation of this song!

early Los Temerarios- Una Lagrima Mas

Please forgive their 70’s porn ‘stache and 80’s mullet. Angel’s voice is at its best with its breathy, light,  feel. No wonder all the girls scream for him at concerts.

Ranchera- Mariachi

Pedro Infante- Amorcito Corazon

He played the role of common Mexican people, never forgot his humble roots, AND he sang all kinds of love songs. The original male Jenni Rivera of the 1940’s.

Jorge Negrete- Mexico Lindo y Querido

It’s no wonder he is a Mexican legend. Not only was he a movie star, poster boy for being a true Mexican boy, but he also sang with a beautiful deep voice. A true singer at heart.

Javier Solis- El Pecador

In my opinion, the best of the male singers from the Mexican Golden Era. Not only can you feel his emotions, but his voice is absolutely beautiful. Its not whiny and annoying like Vicente Fernandez either. It has the right touch of masculinity.

Los Dandys- Gema

This is one of the few choices on here that include higher pitched males and a group of men. They are the choice when you want to serenade someone.

Pepe Aguilar- Por Mujeres Como Tu

A tall, real man that sings rancheras, mariachi and tamborazo without sounding too nasal. He sounds his best when he sings his dad’s songs.

Alejandro Fernandez- Abrazame

I’m not a fan of either Fernandez, but  his ability to convey emotion and combine romaticism, mariachi and love songs are awesome.

Latin Alternative

Gustavo Cerati- Ella Uso Mi Cabeza Como Revolver

The man has written some of rock en español’s masterpieces. His voice is indistinguishable anywhere he goes. Watch how he man-handles his guitar and makes it look like toy.

Clemente Castillo from Jumbo- Fotografia

I have had the pleasure and honor of not only seeing this band too many times, but also have my picture taken with Clemente. Le sigh…..

early Saul Hernandez – Matenme Porque Me Muero

So much going on in this live version with the one of the best bass players in the history of Spanish rock, the legendary lead guitarist in Alejandro Markovich, but Hernandez’s emo vocals are absolutly wonderful- almost prayer like. A shame they were lost to his throat cancer.

Zoe (Leon Larregui) – Soñe

Leon tries really hard to sound like Cerati- he sounds like a younger, 1960’s inspired singer with a highly developed vocabulary. This is the song that made me take Zoe seriously.



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