Female Voices

2 Feb

I did the post on “man voices” why not one on female voices? Disclaimer: The Mexican regional category includes the very talented best of the best mariachi voices of all time.


Daniela Romo – De Mi Enamorate

I looooove this woman’s voice! Its deep, emotional and gutsy yet still emotional. Her vocal hold on 0:50 is just wow. Of course, this song was written by Juan Gabriel

Yuri- Detras de Mi Ventana

Yuri’s voice is still a gold standard even after 30 plus years in the music business. I always enjoyed listening to the odd off tempo beats and weird guitar parts in her songs. This song has such a great climax to show the desperation in Yuri’s voice. Her song topics were always about giving voice to the opressed women in society.

Selena- Amor Prohibido

The woman could sing any type of genre: pop, mariachi, cumbia, tejano, bolero, rap, rock. Listen to her mini rap at the beginning of this song. To this day, nobody is as versatile as Selena.

Shakira- No

Written by Gustavo Cerati (see “man voices” post). This song strips Shakira down to the basic essence of her voice. The unique falsetto and powerful emotional voice is best displayed in this song.

Laura Pausini- Volvere Junto a Ti

She has such a unique way of stopping yet flowing her voice as she is singing. Her voice is very smooth, bright, and clear. Her modesty is also a huge plus.

Regional Mexicana

Lola Beltran- Paloma Negra

She needs little introduction. The Queen of Ranchera Singers. Classically trained opera singer who traveled singing in the mariachi style worldwide. That is all

Lucha Villa- La Caponera

Man or woman singing? Definitely a woman and is easily #2 in the best female ranchera singers of all time.

Aida Cuevas- El Pastor

The only current female ranchera still singing and living the life of a true ranchera singer. Unlike some singers who couldn’t sing falsetto’s, Aida is definitely the exception as seen in this video.

Beatriz Adriana- Popurri Ranchero

Try watching this video without laughing or smiling. Cocaine or natural energy? The poor mariachi group accompaning her has a hard time keeping up with her insanely fast energy. Either way shes got a spunky personality and a great voice.

Rocio Durcal- Costumbres

An honorary Mexican, but born Spaniard, Rocio Durcal has taken the heart of millions of people with her sentimental voice and amazing interpretations of Juan Gabriel’s best compositions. This song is a masterpiece with its use of mariachi and orchestra.

Azucena del Campo AKA Suzie Salazar- Como Yo Nadie Ta Ha Amado

Viva Santa Ana! I went to HS with Suzie and her talent is superb. Its too bad she didn’t record a mariachi or pop CD because she would have made it much bigger than the banda CD she recorded. Some people say she vibrato’s her voice too much for the nasaly thin banda style. I agree. But the woman can definitely sing!

Suzie is also known for her stint with the first Latino version of American Idol, “Objetivo Fama” which looked for Spanish speaking vocal talen in the US. Suzie was highly favorited and then robbed, ROBBED I SAY, of the first place title by the producers (they constantly used footage to make fun of her weight and then played a pity story on the winning contestant). After the show, Suzie recorded a song with Ezequiel Peña and Paquita la del Barrio, but settled down to help her family. Come back to the music industry, Suzie!


Laura from Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles- Si Quieres

My favorite mariachi group of all time. I was able to have these girls play at my sister’s wedding and play this song. Absolutely stunning cover of another Juan Gabriel song by Laura Peña.


Mercedes Sosa – Solo Le Pido a Dios

An inspiration as a poet, activist and political refugee, Sosa is Shakira’s biggest influence in early song writing and obviosly in her voice.

Margarita La Diosa de La Cumbia- Capullo y Sorullo

A strong all around voice that brought a new timbre to the sex and double entendre filled genre known as cumbia.

Celia Cruz- Guantanamera

Unique voice, unique personality, a highly public political figure… Celia Cruz is an icon and is greatly missed.

Latin Alternative

Martha Gonzalez from Quetzal- Cruz de Olvido

Everyone that sees Martha in concert becomes a cult follower of her voice. Shes mesmorizing with her thick raspy powerful voice filled with a perfect touch of mariachi and soul. Its not necessary to see Martha in concert in order to see and feel the emotion. Although this video is acapella, there are other videos that show her work with her band, Quetzal.

Julieta Venegas- Algo Esta Cambiando

More a songwriter than singer, JV is full of talent to create her own style and transform a whimpy thin raspy slighly out of tune voice, into gold records…. You know I was going to include her!

Lo Blondo from Hello Seahorse- Bestia

I don’t really like all of the band’s songs, but this girl can sing! Its operatic, rich, smooth and full of potential if she would only get another band!

Natalia Lafourcade – Cancion Mixteca and O Pato

At first, I didn’t think much about this girl’s voice. Yes, she can write some amazing songs, but her voice, nah! Then when she officially went solo again, she came out of the voice closet with stunning renditions of mariachi, bossa nova, and her own songs. I really admire this woman’s ability to use her voice in many many genres AND be a world class composer.


Andrea Echeverri- Rompecabezas

Nobody will ever be able to replicate this voice. Its deep, raspy then goes into falsetto and thin textures all at once. She is the unofficial Queen of Latin Alternative that made it ok to be a woman in the male dominated scene. Her evolution from punk rocker to goth to motherhood to hippie to quite simply a beautiful woman also resonates with many of her followers. Listen carefully and you can also hear Ruby Castellano’s biggest influence here.

Maria Fernanda from El Otro Yo- Locomotora

The other nympho of the Aldana siblings, Maria Fernanda doesn’t dissapoint to her nympho reputation with Locomotora. She doesn’t have the greatest voice, but she uses it well. She balances out her nympho brother’s grungy Kurt Cobain like vocals with melodic backup vocals. Once a while she will also sing her own songs like this one.

La Marisoul from La Santa Cecilia – Klezmer

Ahh La Marisoul! How to describe her voice… Its powerful, jazzy, mariachi, soulful, Gloria Trevi-like, and very thick. Her on stage persona is also beautiful. She reminds me of a kid that simply wants to dance to a song, but doesn’t know how to dance and she doesn’t care. She just wants to have fun.  And her physical appearance? Chubby Dubby with home made outfits. Love it.

Ximena Sariñana – Reforma

Ximena initially sounds like a Natalia Lafourcade imitation (minus the superb song writing skills), but with a thicker more throaty voice. Ximena has a jazz influence with a bit of Aretha’s attitude thrown in. She’s depressing in the Etta James sense. Emotional yet gutsy.


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