9 Feb

“I work for two things: food

and FOOD”

When someone who stands by this quote tells you that a certain dish is the best they have ever had…. thats quite a strong claim. Yelp agreed so I decided to give out this pozole blanco a try. While googling Potzoldencano I ran into an OC Weekly article also saying that the pork mixto white pozole was the best dish on the menu. I ordered just that and got 4 tostadas, tons of chopped white onion, lettuce (not cabbage), the little yellow lemons, salsa and radishes. Yeah.

The pork was so tender and soft, the clear stew was steaming hot, but not too hot. But what made this dish was the HOMINY!!! Massive pieces of hominy full of flavor in every spoon. And this soup didn’t taste like it was full of fat either. After you throw everything in your bowl, its quite simply a piece of food porn. Can’t you just hear the orgasm coming out of you after dunking your face in the bowl? I even went Asian and slurped the end of the soup part. The best part: a small bowl filled me up, but didn’t leave me with a nasty full taste.

Screw you, pho! Potzoldencano is 3 minutes away from my house instead of the 20 minute drive into Little Saigon for pho. Guess where I’ll be on the next cold day?



Update: Its 11pm and I’m still thinking about this pozole. Mom, please hurry and make your bad ass red pozole so I can compare the two.


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