Quetzal Wins the Grammy!

11 Feb


Finally a Grammy and award that goes to the most deserving group in the category! Quetzal’s “Imaginaries” is officially a Grammy winning CD! What an accomplishment for the local LA community. To think that Quetzal has never sold its soul or given into the mainstream or even indie or rock or ANY scene is just beautiful.

This quote comes from a 2003 interview :

“I was once speaking with an older man who said he loved us, but thought we weren’t that Mexican anymore,” says González rather sadly. Then she perks up. “That’s our concept—being evasive of stagnation. People try to fit you in a box. All the talk of not being Mexican enough is flattering because it shows that we’ve grown. When something is born, like a plant, you don’t look at it and say it’s not the same as it grows.”

“You can’t base a career out of making money,” says González. “It’s important, of course, and we’re still in the middle of figuring out how to balance our vision with that reality. But our culture reduces artists to a dollar bill, and that’s not fair. The reality is, we were making ourselves unhappy trying to please others on the tour.

“We don’t get much publicity from labels and radio—not because our music is too difficult; it’s our adamant refusal to lick the floor and dance like monkeys for millions,” Flores smiles. “If we wanted to, we can totally do that. But we’re not going to knock on any doors, because we don’t believe in that. We’re going to build our own doors, and let everybody in.”

Quetzal posted this picture of themselves today. It is by far the most dressed up I have seen them. Congrats to them!!!




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