Mexico’s Educational System

2 Mar

The president of the teacher’s union in Mexico, Elba Esther Gordillo, was arrested for taking over $200 million from the union. ABC News reports that she was known for her private jet trips, plastic surgeries, and spending over $300 million at a Neiman Marcus store. Um yikes.

Mexico has a national union for its teacher just likes its national curriculum and standards. For years, people have contended that the union is extremely powerful and does nothing for students. In fact, in some parts of Mexico teachers can choose to not show up to work and the union will back up its teachers. Teachers also have no formal training and rely on memorization and direct lecture as their teaching strategies.

The documentary De Panzazo capitalizes on the ongoing education issues that Mexico faces on an everyday basis. And the US thought it had it bad. Mexico’s educational system is a joke and people should stand up for educational rights like the youth did in Chile. Elba Esther Gordillo is interviewed. She definitely gives a scary and awkward vibe. Watch the movie for yourself:



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