El Corazón

16 Mar

Chiquita texts me talking about a issue regarding “matters of the heart”:

“I need to use more of my brain than my heart. I need to get it together. I’m too much of a damn hippie…I know its good for friendship and family, but not dating which is very odd to me (society is so twisted). We would all be better if we’d interact at a higher level of thinking. sigh”


I reply (partially):

“Ten cuidado con el corazón
aquí abajo en este
mundo material
te defiendes o te
van a destrozar
por nada…
Ten cuidado con el corazón
con las alas y con
todo lo demás
un descuido y te
pueden desplumar
alerta”  – Alejandra Guzmán


Yes, my friend you are correct! Why do you think I’m single! ha ha Maybe we’re just too intellectual for all the love life. Either that or people need to turn into into cold hearted bitches for a love life???  Well I can’t comment much on this topic so enjoy this Alejandra Guzmán video




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