Things I Learned From Gay Men

20 Apr

Things I’ve learned from Gay Men


I have spent my life surrounded by gay men. My earliest memories of being in Mexico involve a gay man playing with some toys and me at my aunts house. The other involves the same gay man mopping the living room while singing out loud. My parent’s hometown has evolved from having a handful of gay men to a town full of gays and lesbians to a gay mayor. Its such a rare and unique town in Mexico – let alone any town south of the Canadian border.

The town’s gay mayor has announced his bid for re-election. His re-election possibility is extremely high. Before he became mayor, he was already a close friend of my family and myself. We went to bars, clubs, and took him to Velvet Lounge when he would come to CA. In his honor, I complied a list of things I have learned from gay men throughout my life.

1. Listen to endlessly happy poppy music even if there is only one repeated line in the whole song. If the world doesn’t make you smile then music should.

2. Be a diva (sometimes) . Because sometimes it really IS all aobut ME no matter where or with who I am with.

3. Embrace being different.

4.  To detect “queens” and “kings” in a crowd

5. How to sing while cleaning the house.

6. Practice makes perfect- or makes you better at something. We all start somewhere. And we all need each other as a community of support to help us with that first step.

7. Madonna and Lady Gaga are the ultimate queens. Britney who?

8. How to embrace the 80’s. I used to hate the 80’s with all the mismatched clothes. Now I love Timbiriche and their rather “fashionable” clothes.

9. First impressions do count.

10. How to have a sense of humor even when people around you are making fun of you.

11. Be picky when it comes to shoes, food, and concerts.

12. Have fun during the week.  Going to the bar on Wednesdays? gasp!

13. Treat my friends like royalty and expect nothing in return.

14. We are all bisexual. Some are are just more than others. Some are less than others. It just depends on where you land on the spectrum.

15. When we are drunk we all listen to banda or corridos. You can’t go against nature.

16. How to sit at the fun table at a party. If not, make it the fun table.

17. How to tell that Ricky Martin was gay even when he was with Menudo and he officially came out of the closet.

18. Vicente Fernandez looks like a pervert when he looks at women. And he really is gay and slept with Juan Gabriel (lesson also learned through having tons of mariachi friends),

19. Everybody loves cumbia- we just have to dig deep sometimes to let that love out. “No te metas con mi cucu”

20. Novelas- impossible to ignore. So might as well tune in for a few minutes once a week to see whats going on. It doesn’t hurt to get some eye candy while you are at it.

21. Thalia- love her or hate her . There is no in between.



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