That Moment When…

18 Jul

According to urban the phrase “that moment when” is used “before a descriptive past experience that targets typical teenagers and are sometimes relatable to. Inserting an adjective before “moment” specifies what type of moment it is”. For example,  “that awkward moment when your best friend gets yelled at and you’re just standing there…”

I see “that moment when” phrases on facebook newsfeed constantly and I also hear my students use these phrases. I was very annoyed with these phrases, but then realized that there are some  ordinary mundane yet unique moments that needed to be highlighted in people’s lives.

I put together a list of some “that moment when” moments that I have written in my phones Notes app over the past 2 months. I know there are more, but I had to let this out. Here are some:

That Moment when a 5th grader tells you they just got their period for the first time. In front of the whole class. And there are 3rd graders in the room (face slap!).

That moment when someone farts really loudly next to you in the fitting room at Kohls. Awkward…

That moment when your students follow you around from room to room to room. Without saying one word.

That moment when you think you just fought a stomach flu, but then realize you had broken your healthy eating habit for one too many days and then got super sick for a day. Stupid me.

That moment when a student asks you what a Booty Call is. And I actually answered the question without laughing.

That moment when an 8th grade student raises his hand and says, “I just wanted to let you know that I am having a lot of bowel movements today so I will be using the restroom a lot” in front of the whole class.

That moment when you want to have a huge dessert so you into Pinkberry, start to walk out by yourself with a huge ice cream….. and then run into 2 students, their mom and their cousins. (now I’m feeling fat….)

This one happens all time: that moment when you have to pick your murf during a softball game and the effort that goes into picking it without anyone looking.


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