Elastic Bond – Real

17 Aug

Thank you Friendship for sending me this link of Miami based Elastic Bond and their single “Pierdo El Control.” I liked this laid back, Amy Winehouse en español sounding track very much. It sounds like an old rumba mixed on a DJ table.  I dig it. So much that I went and bought the whole CD- album- whatever they call them nowadays.

Here is “Pierdo el Control” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIVLVzMmnQM

There is so many influences in this whole CD. The opening track is cool jazz mixed on a DJ turntable. Track #2 “Find a Way” is my second favorite track. There is again a laidback 1960’s African American feel with its syncopated beats. My favorite part is the chorus where the song almost changes into a rock song. There’s a muted guitar, xylophones, and accented trumpets. It almost sounds like the songs that Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars are trying to make popular, but come off as desperately sounding like wanna be Michael Jacksons. And the voice. Uffff!!! There is a nice echo/reverb effect on the singers bright and laid back voice. Its not strong, but not weak. Just right.

Track #3 Is a bossa nova inspired piece with jazz drums. Sophy (singer) has a very strong Ximena Sariñana/ Natalia Lafourcade influence WITHOUT sounding like her. Its just an influence. I think thats what her voice reminds me of in general. I also hear a touch of the vocal slides that Julieta Venegas does. And I hear “shooo la la las” in the style of La Oreja de Van Gogh as well. But again: just influences NOT imitation.

“Solo Tu Amor” is a ukulele filled love song. It reminds me of Carla Morrison’s latest CD, but again just an INFLUENCE. They just have similar timbre.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this CD and I have played it many times already. The combination of the voice with the instruments is just beautiful. I can’t wait to see these guys in concert one day.

I found this unplugged video of Elastic Bond. What a freaking voice!! Just awesome 🙂


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