Katy Perry vs. Sara Bareilles

22 Aug

I’m going to have my students compare the characteristics of two songs that sound alike. The most obvious example due to the current radio air play is Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”

Listen to Sara Bereilles


then listen to Katy Perry


Bereilles’ song was released in April of 2013. Perry’s in August of 2013. As soon as the similarities were shown all over social media, Bereilles’ tweeted “all love everybody. all love.”  Both songs have a positive them. One of the members of the band fun. co-wrote “Brave” with Bereilles. Eww. I don’t like fun. and their wannabe Queen sounding voice and other ripped off songs (more on them later). However, Perry’s song has a lot of cliche lyrics like the “eye of the tiger” and you’re going to hear me “roar.” Perry’s video has over 17 million hits on youtube since the video was posted last week.

Then Taylor Swift invites Bareilles to her concert and they sing “Brave” together. Swift listens to it “hundreds and hundreds of times.”




Hmmm. I don’t even know that to say about both of these songs. Perry’s is obviously highly produced with your typical verse chorus super easily memorable lyrics. I get this song stuck in my head very easily. No doubt she is going for the homerun with this song. Bareilles’ version is awesome because she doesn’t have a stereotypical pop voice and doesn’t sound highly produced. It sounds more genuine. I’m not familiar with Bareilles’ previous work so I can’t say if she is straying from her usual style.




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