Why You Are Not Sleeping At Night

23 Aug

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Daily Stress Reduction Routine

Fitlifer, it’s more important then ever to take care of ourselves not only physically but on a mental level as well. Are you finding yourself stressed out easily?

It’s sometimes HARD to get out of your own way and actually take a break for a second. Our lives become so busy that it can be challenging to do anything relaxing for that matter.

The biggest way to beat down stress is to form a powerful habit that will change your emotions and stress built up around it.

Many of the clients we’ve transformed have benefited hugely from a significant drop in stress levels using the Alpha Reset and the juicing system! Remember, freeing your body from stress allows you to effortlessly burn body fat!

If you are having health related issues and need support, you may consider joining our community. Typical support looks like this.

trestionsleepBiorythm – Quick Start

One of the fastest ways to relieve stress is to get in a natural rhythm. The body’s internal clock and natural wake/sleep biorhythm, is called the circadian rhythm.

Ready, get-set, sleep routine!

One of the biggest things that not only helps me unwind, but something we coach each of our private clients to do is the following:

At least 1 hour before climbing into bed, start this routine:

I personally attempt to be in bed by 9:30 most nights. I know, it sounds boring but when it comes to your health you have to make some priorities.

My routine starts at… generally. Unless I’m out celebrating or I’m on a date.


1)     I usually have a detoxifying tea like Yogi – liver detox. This type of tea usually has ginger, milk thistle and perhaps a little dandelion root.


2)     10 minutes of visualization (Think about everything I’m grateful for.) It’s really hard to be angry or upset when you are grateful.


3)      I take a cool Epson salt bath. Why cold? Your body has to cool down naturally when it sleeps so I like to coax it a long a little. If you really want to help step up your deep sleep and dreams, take a little liquid melatonin. (This is the kind I take)


4)     Magnesium is a great supplement that most people are deficient in that helps you get good sleep as well. (The stuff I like is Mago 7) http://amzn.to/12QkKYY


5)     Count 100 gratitude sheep… I’m grateful for my lunch date with my sister…I’m grateful for ______J … I’m grateful for the time I got to spend outside today… Zzzzzzz.

Adopt a stress reducing diet

One of the best things you can do to minimize stress is to lower your cortisol levels by changing your diet. The less inflamed your body the less stress and tension you will feel. We have a whole dietary plan as part of the Juicing System we offer at FitLife.TV. Have you ever felt angry for no reason what so ever? Many people experience this, and the choices you make daily play a huge part in this.

I’ve seen transformation student’s change right away when they start healing their bodies of chronic inflammation. It’s hard to imagine how good you will really feel once you commit and start the Alpha Reset. http://www.juicewithdrew.com

5 Super Sleep Sups Stack

Here are some natural sleeping supplements that I’ve taken and you can take too.

1)     Magnesium http://amzn.to/12QkKYY

2)     Glutamine http://amzn.to/196kyNy

3)     Melatonin http://amzn.to/12YUeO5

4)     1 Hour Break

I love getting a foot massage and if I have no one to give me one, I use a lacrosse ball. Sometimes a little mia fascia release goes a long way!

Herbs and Essential Oils For Sleep

Lavender 9 drops http://amzn.to/17oZMVB

Chamomile 2 drops  http://amzn.to/12YUkoY

Orange 12 drops http://amzn.to/15r4CjZ

Essential oils can be used using a cold air diffuser. IF you do not have a cold air diffuser http://amzn.to/13RMQdE put a couple of drops on a cotton towel under your pillow.


Ninja Hack? – Does your partner snore at night? Rub some thyme on his/her feet.

Essential oils are so cool! J Leave a comment below if you agree.

If you have Insomnia it may be caused by liver or bowel toxicity, poor heart function, negative memories and trauma, hormone imbalances, or underactive thyroid.

We have found that our juicing system has a core focus in getting your digestive system back on track. If you are interested in doing this, feel free to check out our membership website here. http://www.juicewithdrew.com


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