Linda Ronstadt

25 Aug

Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson’s disease and can no longer sing. In recent years, she had struggled to sing in general and now it has become official that she can no longer sing. I’m sad to hear this news because she has done the opposite of the elusive “crossover.” Most artists, like Mark Anthony and Ricky Martin, took years to prepare for a crossover into the English language market. When they finally did, it became cool to listen or be anything that had to do with being a Latino/a. Linda Ronstadt did the opposite. She became a famous pop/country singer in the English language and when she had a few Grammy’s and million records sold, she crossed over into the Spanish language market with her legendary mariachi CDs. Who does that? Crossever into the Spanish market? Its not really heard of even in 2013. Linda embraced her roots and crossed over with stunning success.

There is actually a family photo of my sister and myself dancing in front of a teevee with Linda Rondstadt on the screen. Her mariachi teevee special was constantly played in both the Spanish and English language teevee.

Here is Linda back in her English pop days

I really really this song that she recorded with her first band, The Stone Poneys

“Different Drum.” The string quartet really emphasizes the mood of the song.


Here is Linda in her famous mariachi days with “La Charreada.” Its so flawless.




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