The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4 Jan

Where have I been the last 10 years in regards to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Oh yes, listening to a bunch of super amazing bands en español. I had 2 people tell me in the past few months, “I can’t believe you aren’t familiar with their songs! I really think you would like them.” OK pues.

I was about to go to sleep one day when I decided to preview their first CD “Fever to Tell” on Itunes. OMG. Its the rock dose I have needed for the past few months. This is exactly what the world needs right now. Real, distortion driven, energetic, unapologetic music with guts and stamina. This is exactly what Dave Grohl meant at the American Music Awards when he said that the world needed “real powerful guitar driven bands in the mainstream music world.”

I couldn’t believe that this CD was only 37 minutes long. I wish it was longer because I didn’t want it to end. The title song “Rich” is incredibly rock catchy and driven by the vocals of Ms. Karen O. The second song “Date with the Night” I vaguely remember and thats simply because of Karen O’s sexual gestures. 10 years later… what a freakin’ song! Yes, its highly sexual, but its so rash, energetic, danceable yet rock driven, and full of phenomenal guitar and drums.

I can sit here and talk about the rest of their album, but I want to actually talk about YYY as a whole. First, Karen O:

She’s happy as she smiles as she performs, full of life, in control of her performance, highly dominant, unique, erotic, sexual, talented and uses her voice as an instrument to create art. Her stage presence is one of a kind as she captivates everyone in the room. Karen O’s voice is flawless- at least in the early stages of the band. She sounds just as the recordings, but with added effects and emotions. Karen O is impossible to ignore as she is filled with surprising stage antics that are reminiscent of David Bowie with his bright colors and embellished sense of style. She also reminds me of Iggy Pop. Shes controlled chaos. Crazy, but balanced. The outfits are colorful, mismatched, asymettrical yet perfectly balanced with her smile and wonderfully femenine makeup. Has anybody used a wired microphone like the way that she does? Its almost as if the mic is her toy, but she also treats it as as a blessing to be using. Its an honor for her to be using a mic and she demonstrates it. And by toy I mean her own sexual toy. And by sexual toy I mean a women’s personal sex toy OR her own man’s penis.  She screams, shrieks, and melodically sings her songs. She flirts between the lines of sensual, erotic, and sexual – all at once. I understand why so people consider her a sex goddess.

Second: The actual music. The guitar and drums and voice are blended together to create  powerful, pieces of art with each of their songs. Its easy to overlook the energy filled drums and wall of sound created by the guitarist. They are so flawless that they almost sound like a recording. The sounds range from disco beats to grunge filled chords to U2-ish sound effects that fill the aura of the room. These two men are clearly trained and experienced musicians even at such a young age. Its hard to believe that only 2 people are playing instruments in this band. Yet both are so in control of their instrument. Like Karen O, they are masterfully controlled chaos musicians. By the way, they definitely improvise in their live performances.

Third: the actual music and performances

Heads Will Roll (live) from their second CD. This is what I mean by danceable rock music- if that makes any sense. Its a good introductory song for non-rock or non- YYY fans.

Pin, Gold Lion and Maps. This is what I mean by saying that the microphone is her toy! The audience is also her friend. The last song “Maps” is considered one of the best songs of 2000’s and shows off Karen O’s melodic voice versus her rock screams.

Date with the Night (live). This is hard core early YYY. You’ve been warned. Its a highly sexual song and Karen O doesn’t back off with her screams and use of the mic at all. Watch and listen specifically to the guitar part. Absolute genius work acting like a bass and a lead guitar and rhythm guitar

I just think the last two videos are phenomenal performances and I wanted to share:

Y Control (live)- I really enjoy this video because it shows Karen O being incredibly free, unrestricted while having fun. Its what everyone wants to do while singing along to our favorite rock songs in our room. She uses every single inch of that stage. And shes so happy!! And the drummer playing with one hand in some parts of the song!

Rich (live)- Such a raw performance. Great guitar melody, syncopated drums and Karen O’s stage presence. Such a cochina. I love it! lol

Thank you YYY’s. I just purchased your first 3 CD’s and have good faith in rock music again!


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