Against the Grain: Motherhood, Activism and Resistance

27 Jul

Ana Tijoux compared to Violeta Parra, but in hip hop. Dang those are strong words.

Quetzal and Ana Tijoux on the same stage. Wait Quetzal and Ana Tijoux together???? I knew it!! I had said it as soon as Ana’s “Vengo” came out that there was a Quetzal influence in her music and I was right!!! ahahahaha! I was right again!!


I found a collection of Youtube videos about a conference that happened in downtown LA and I had no idea it had even happened. Hmmmm! I better not miss it again. It features Maya Jupiter who is married to Aloe Blacc (from the famous “Wake Me Up” song on the radio), Martha from Quetzal (my hero), an older woman whose voice I recognize from the “Entre Mujeres” CD, and of course the first lady of hip hop en español, Ana Tijoux. Jeez Louise what a collaboration of musicians on stage. No wonder Quetzal performed “Wake Me Up”  on TV with Aloe Blacc.

I fell in love with this series of videos because it features women and topics that are seldom spoken about. I remember Ruby Castellanos once said that we need radical people in the world because they motivate those of us who are not and will never be as passionate. They strike a nerve in us and thats why we like listening to them. These women make it “ok” to be educated, free spirited, moms who are outspoken. Oh and Ana Tijoux absolutely shines in these videos. Even when she isn’t speaking, I can’t help but watch how she interacts with her daughter Emilia. And how she shares that making her son think critically is better than selling more albums around the world.  Martha is clearly the educated PhD professor that resonates with reason, but Ana Tijoux is unapologetic and doesn’t shy away on any topic. A few more posts on Ana’s new CD in other posts.

Take it away with the videos!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


Ana Tijoux performing “Antipatriarca”



Martha Gonzalez with Quetzal “Breast Pump Waltz” y “Todos Somos Ramona”


Maya Jupiter with husband Aloe Blacc


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