Shadia Mansour

28 Jul

Shadia Mansour

I don’t know much about her due to linguistic barriers, but I know she is half Palestinian and is considered the First Lady of Arab Hip Hop. The woman is loud, unapologetic, and wait she doesn’t wear a burka or ask permission for a man to speak??? Oh boy we got ourselves a trouble maker. Excellent.  Shadia is only 28 years old, but has already established herself as a prominent rapper in the MIddle Eastern area. Many articles state that her famous line is “You can take my falafel and hummus, but don’t fucking touch my keffiyeh.” What is a keffiyeh? Check out this video :

I also enjoy looking at her traditional Palestinian outfits since they are very similar to Mexican and South American outfits, but when she puts on Western attire I can’t help, but think “she’s got a killer body with her hips that don’t lie!”

These are some videos that I have found of Shadia Mansour on her own and collaborating with Ana Tijoux

Introduction to Shadia Mansour and her music

So Serious – Logic featuring Shadia Mansour

Is it just me or does she look like a chola with those hoop earrings and ponytail?

This is were you can see her hips not lying. What a lame crowd! Darn it Ana Tijoux you are a Queen!

Oh and this video of Shadia singing Ana Tijoux’s “Shock.” Rough start, but you can feel Shadia’s intensity in this song. She even goes solo with the rap at the end of the song. Bravo! Bravo!!


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