F*ck the Angels

9 Oct

Last year or even 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have cared much about the intense Dodgers/Angels rivalry. Now I truly can’t stand Angels fans. Why? Because of their highly superior attitude. Because they think Dodgers fans are “ghetto.” Because Angels fans are dull, can’t fill up their own small stadium even when they had the best regular season wins record, and seriously consider themselves to be classier than Dodger fans. In my opinion they are the OC;  “safe”, conformist who believe they are better because they won a World Series in 2002 when I was in high school…. and thats it. Dodgers have 6 World Series titles even though the last one was in 1988.

Some jackass Dodger fans decided to beat up an innocent Giants fan a few years ago and everyone was quick to point at how “dangerous” Dodgers fans and Dodger Stadium is. Ummm I hate to tell you but 3 people have died at Angels stadium and there’s another one in critical condition as I speak. Of course people were quick to use #thisisntChavezRavine when the story broke instead of feeling sympathy for the poor Angels fan. Why do people point out all the “ghetto” Dodger fans, but fail to see all the ghetto Angel fans?

During the Dodgers vs Angels Freeway Series in August, Angels Stadium sold out for the first time in the season. And of course people went on twitter and fb saying that the “cockroaches came out” to the Freeway Series Ummm what?? Is this comment a racist comment and/or  social status comment? Yikes! “I fear for my life when they’re here.” “They’re giving out government cheese. That’s why its packed” Ayyyyyy!! And the last one came from my cousin in law that was posted on fb.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.14.59 PM      So with that being said, I say “Fuck the Angels and your cocky ass fans who feel superior to the team that is actually from Los Angeles.” I have never felt prouder to sport Dodger blue or my Kershaw shirt. I’m sorry if yes I really have stood in line for government cheese and milk and my physical self scares the crap out of you. And please don’t say it isn’t racist because really why else would you say that? Oh and don’t even get me started at the number of times I’ve been at a store or pickup up food and a random person, mainly male, will yell at me “Go Angels!” Fuck the Angels. If you’re truly for the people, by the people and of the people then you’re a Dodgers fan. Fernando Valenzuela and Yasiel Puig are proof. The Angels have… a washed up Albert Pujols?

If you’re going to talk shit on a team then focus on the numbers and how far they get in the playoffs. Oh thats right Angels don’t really have those. They really haven’t made the playoffs since 2002. Any sports fan can tell you that having a high number of wins in the regular season doesn’t mean squat. Its what you do in the playoffs that count. Just ask the Anaheim Ducks last season or the LA Kings. or the Boston Red Sox a few years ago. Or the LA Lakers who place 3rd or 4th in the league and end up winning championships.

Thank you Kansas City Royals for granting me a fabulous Sunday night by sweeping the Angels tonight in a royal fashion. Will you remember a broom in March of 2015? Because I will.


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