11 Powerful Netflix Documentaries That Will Change the Way You Think About Food

10 Oct

From :http://fitlife.tv/11-powerful-netflix-documentaries-that-will-change-how-you-think-about-food/

1. “Spinning Plates” mmmmm a documentary thats about yummy food. droooooolll.

2. “Jiro Dream of Sushi” mmmmm a documentary thats about sushi. drooooolll.

3. “Forks Over Knives” mmm a documentary about my health. drooollll

4. “Inside Chipotle”  Meh. Good documentary, but I’m a bit over their food. Except for the chips and rice and guacamole

5. “Food Inc” oh yes this documentary opened up my eyes to question the food we eat.

6. “Super Size Me” Fudge McDonald’s. I haven’t had a cheeseburger from there in about 2 years.

7. “More than Honey” Ughhh I love honey, but I’m allergic to bee stings so seeing all those bees makes me squirm

8. “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” Good eye opening movie!

9. “Hungry for Change” OMG this movie really struck a nerve with me. Absolutely love it

10. “Somm” – A documentary about wine????? OMG. OMG. Only way to watch it is with wine in your hand.

11. “I like Killing Flies”


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