The Blue Agave and Trio Ellas

12 Oct

Dang this is one heck of a band! The Blue Agave is a Chicano/surf rock band with Stephanie Amaro from Trio Ellas as the singer. She looks so calm and mellow with Trio Ellas and then you see her in fishnet and a ripped open top of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Hot! Shit I want to wear a shirt like that LOL

I haven’t seen The Blue Agave live, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing their performance soon. With that being said, I have seen Trio Ellas live and they are very captivating and entertaining. They ARE Grammy nominated and the official Trio of the Dodgers. Yeah! See the video here:

I’m fascinated with how vocally articulate and accurate they are in every single note, song, and video I have ever seen of them. They carry their mariachi, trio, rock, and pop influence on their sleeve. Its such a seemingless blend of the genres that its irrelevent that they are moving all over the place with their genre. Trio Ellas has a rock influence in their music as well. They cover Cafe Tacuba’s version of “Ojala Que Llueva Cafe” and a Spanish version of “I Will Follow You into the Dark” but then bust out trio favorites like “Odiame” and “Solamente Una Vez” and “Quizas Quizas”.

Check out Trio Ellas’s cover of Janis Joplins “Piece of My Heart”

Oh the use of special effects on the violin is so precious in this video!

Then check out their adaptation of Lucha Villa’s “Ojitos Traidores” using a huge Middle Eastern to twist into the already Spanish flamenco feel of the song.

Their fashion attire is also very inspiring to me. They are not a mariachi nor a traditional trio, but they still wear those two influences proudly on their sleeve through their repertoire and fashion attire. The group wears tight mariachi pants with gala and they wear red high heels and matching shirts. Awesome! I want to wear mariachi pants with red heels!!

If you on the official Trio Ellas website you will find these images of them:


These ladies rock and I have already bought both of the CD’s on iTunes.Every single song is so well arranged that I simply don’t have words for it. Just do yourself a favor and buy their music. I wish them nothing but the best in their musical careers. Support them by checking them out live or buying their music!


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