Jorge Drexler ft. Ana Tijoux and the Latin Grammys 2014

23 Nov

Jorge Drexler reminds much of the trova/acoustic singer songwriters of Latino-america that equates to the Latino version of Taller Sur AKA Ruby Castellanos. Actually he is a part of the movement. He belongs to the same movement as Joan Manuel Serrat, Joaquin Sabina, Rosario etc. Quite frankly I don’t know much of these artists reportoires, but I know the style and definitely the names. Ruby forced me to at least recognize the names lol

My first encounter with Jorge Drexler came when he was given recognition for “El Otro Lado del Rio” for the movie “Motorcycle Diaries.” There was an uproar in latinoamerica when Antonio Banderas was chosen to sing that song at the Academy Awards instead of Drexler himself.

The English subtitled version can be seen here:

Guess who was featured in Ana Tijoux’s song “Sacar la Voz”? Yup, Drexler himself. Absolutely fantastic hipnotic song with an even stronger video.  I believe this song was Grammy nominated as well.

A few months ago, the Queen Ana Tijoux posts that shes nominated for the song “Vengo” and for a song that she collaborated with Jorge Drexler. Arf??? What??!?!?!?!?!!? Oh Ana you keep adding to your ingeniuty. The song is fantastic! Its jazzy, bossa nova filled, latin trova at its best. The bass line is incredibly creative and catchy. The brass accents add a beautiful texture that fill in any empty spaces. And the keyboard. Ahh its just right! At the core this is a jazz song. And then Ana Tijoux’s laidback rhymes just put the cherry on top of a yummy song.

Disclaimer: the video is just as witty as the song itself.

The best part was seeing this song win Record of the Year at the Latin Grammy awards. Is the Latin Recording Academy finally having some light bulbs turning on? Perhaps. Or maybe there are not true power house talents in the Latino music industry right now. The winners this year are either singer songwriters, or recycled artists like Carlos Vives, Marc Anthony and why the f**k did Enrique Iglesias beat Ana Tijoux’s “Vengo” for a Grammy? How is it that Ricky Martin performed 2 times, Carlos Vives 2 times,  Marc Anthony 2 times,  Juanes played his greatest hits, and we had to include an English language artist to fill in time for performers? Chris Brown performed?????????? Really this is all we have to show for the world? Why not let all these singer songwriters and fantastic MCs like Ana Tijoux show their talent to the world? Sorry if she doesn’t have fake boobies or wear a long Oscar de la Renta dress, but she would put any female to shame that night. Only new artist Mariana Vega represented the females with talent category. Wowsers.  Oh and Eugenio Derbez is a really boring host with horrible canned jokes that go beyond cheesy. Good grief Charlie Brown. I’m hoping for so much more at least in the English language Grammys in February.


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