“Happy” by Marina and the Diamonds

24 Dec

A positive song! A song about feeling good about yourself! A song about loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are! YES!!!!!!! I heart you Marina for digging deep inside your feelings and creating a song that so many people can relate to. Its touching to already see on the youtube comments people writing “I was contemplating suicide and this song made me think twice” OMG Now this is seriously THAT powerful of a song. I can imagine so many teenagers feeling lost in the world and listening to this song with some hope. I almost cried when I first heard this song because I truly felt her lyrics. They are so raw and realistic that yes I was sucked in by her voice and simple melody. But those lyrics! Just a masterpiece! And wait for the part where she looks directly at you and your soul. You aren’t fooling anyone in saying you have never felt the way she does. Awwwwwwwwww

“I found what I have been looking for in myself”

“I believe someone is watching over me. Finally I have found the way to be happy, happy”


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