Favorite Songs I downloaded in 2014

31 Dec

These are songs I just happen to download in 2014, but may have been released back in the 60’s or 70’s.

  1. Radiohead- Bloom Simply an awesome track with its fantastic syncopated and difficult to play drum parts! This like many Radiohead songs has a strong jazz influence to it. Watch a live version on youtbe of this song to appreciate this beauty.
  2. Siddartha-Naufrago  So catchy. Reminds me of Moenia blended with Zoé. Even the bass and synthesizers parts are highly Zoé-ish. Too bad the rest of the album is just average.
  3. Logic ft. Shadia Mansour- So Serious  Hard core British hip hop with a metal twist to it and led by the female vocals of Shadia Mansour. Logic’s rap is so slow and mellow that yes its possible to completely digest all of his rhymes.
  5. Shadia Mansour ft. M-1 of Deaz Prez- El Kofeye Arabeyye  Sung/rapped in Arabic by Shadia with an English language rap by M1 towards the end. Sounds like very early and basic hip hop with an Arabic twist. Its about being respectful to the kefiyyeh as a cultural symbol and not as a fashion symbol.
  6. Lady Gaga- Aura and Applause   Because its true. I live for the applause. This album was considered a flop for Gaga. Its highly abstract even for Gaga, but it does have a few gems in Aura and of course Applause.  Aura starts out with highly dissonant guitar chords that turn into a chromatic solo blended with Gaga’s voice and blends into EDM.  I like Aura because its so different that evolves and does not stick to the average pop formula. Applause is just Gaga sticking to mainstream pop, but thats what makes this song so great. Its good straight forward pop. Two gems in one album for Gaga.
  7. and 
  8. Marina and the Diamonds- Happy  I’m predicting this album as one of the best of 2015. This song is amazing and strikes an emotional nerve. Just awesome and I know this song will explode in 2015.  
  9. Iggy Pop and the Stooges- Penetration  Combine the raw vocal Howlin Wolf inspired vocals of Iggy with melodic keyboards and punk rock.  
  10. J.lo ft. Iggy Azalea- Booty – Big big booty. Watch you got a big booty. Don’t like the exaggerated sexuality of this video, but the song is catchy. OK so its kinda cheesy. Ok its meh and super cheesy. But its a song that is fun to sing to.  
  11. Sam Smith and Disclosure- Latch  I heard this song way before Sam Smith became a staple on the radio. The music in itself is great with great dreamy vibe, but add Sam Smith and you have a hit. 
  12. Mariachi Vargas- Mexico de Noche  Modern mariachi instrumental piece at its best. Modern chords, modern ending, rhythmically unique and a very catchy trumpet. Loved played this song back in my mariachi day. Written by the late Bebu Silvetti.  

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