10 Feb

Of course Ana Tijoux would lose to Calle 13 who already won a shit load of Grammy’s during the Latin Grammy’s and now has to take the English language Grammy’s. But hey, its Ana Tijoux being the only Latino performer at the premiere ceremony. And its Ana Tijoux getting acclaim from NPR, LA Times, NY Times, and hip hop magazines all over the world. Josh Kun says it best in the pic below. Check the live performance of Ana’s “Vengo.” She was clearly taking in the moment and appreciating the fact that she was doing her thang in front of so many respected musicians. Still a winner in my heart.

Vengo con mis ideas como escudo

Vengo a construir un sueno

Vengo con el cielo y sus constelaciones

Vengo con el mundo y toda sus estaciones

Vengo agredicida

Vengo de un mundo sin clase que se pueda levantar

con mi pelo negro con el orgullo indio en el alma tatuado 

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.10.56 PM


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