9 May

I don’t like Morrissey. He’s too 80’s, music is too repetitive and very dark and depressing. So I didn’t think much when a Alternative Mexican Rock supergroup was formed as a tribute to Morrissey called Mexrissey. It consists of Chetes (Zurdok- one my top favorite bands of all time)), Jay de la Cueva (Victimas del Dr. Cerebro, Fobia, Molotov, and Moderatto), Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No! and Julieta Venegas), Alejandro Flores (Cafe Tacuba and Pepe Aguilar), Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound and tons more), and Sergio Mendoza (Orchestra Mendoza). All the songs are sung in Spanish. Just WOW.

All the facebook and Twitter posts have been popping up about this supergroup so I checked out the SoundCloud and fell in love with the two singles: “Ask” and “Everyday is like Sunday” sung by the flawless Chetes and Ceci Bastida. Chetes is flawless with whatever song he composes or sings. I find his voice comforting, melodic, and timeless. Naturally that song is just about perfect with a “Matador” sample.

Then I figured, Ceci Bastida? The stuck up keyboard player with no personality and really not so great solo albums who is known for making mistakes with her keyboard skills? “Everyday is like Sunday” blew me away. Thank you Ceci for helping a song to start redeeming yourself. It features a mariachi trumpet, Ceci’s vocals who sound inspired by Mazzy Star: mellow, laid back, full of emotion, and just awesome enough to make you not want the song to end.

Check out the two songs here and prepare to be sucked into Ceci’s voice

Then I found a video of the group presenting themselves in London and have now fallen in love with them:

They are top of the line musicians, with almost flawless musicianship, no doubt. But what got me was their outfits: mariachi tight pants with emroidery on the side and a black t-shirt that says “Morriseey” and a charro belt. My heart just melted. When I lose some more weight I am going to have those pants made for me just like the pants the Trio Ellas wears. They are essentially mariachi pants, but for women. And a t-shirt! I heart t-shirts. And Ceci is wearing chola hoops. Ayyyy! Its mariachi rock. And that’s what my heart says.

When does the CD come out???????????????????????


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