Ana Tijoux lecture

21 May

El amor y la rabia. Love and rage.   Y la rabia puede ser linda.

Cantar es ser honesto.

Toda la immigración es politica.

El artista no tiene que ser amable. El arte no es amable y se cuestiona.

Musicians feel emotions much stronger than most people. Emotions are what drive artists to express themselves.

The Occupy and other worldwide protests (social movements)  don’t do anything. Thousands of people have protested and nothing has been achieved.

Ana Tijoux considers herself a pessimist.

El rap y el graffiti es una forma de decir “yo existo” aunque todos los ignoren.

La importancia de la vida cotidiana y como nos afecta como personas.

These were the lasting emotions that Ana Tijoux’s lecture series that I unfortunately missed due to a bad infection. The lecture is fabulous except for the interviewer’s annoying accent- whatever the hell her accent is.

The sensitivity of musicians makes sense to me. It makes sense why all artists especially art-ivists have stronger emotions. The emotions of all 5 senses drive us to a point of explosion and need to express themselves. Ana is wonderful at expressing what is seen in our lives and putting it into words. It makes me wonder what she is going to do next after the master piece of “Vengo.”

El amor y la rabia. Its what drives people and this world. Its so beautiful, but so real. Recently, certain events in my life have proven this to be true. What has driven people to do what they have never done? Love and Rage. What drives people to change careers, have children, and listen to music? Love and Rage.  What are the most common song topics? Love and rage. What brings families together? Love and rage. What brings countries together? Love and rage. Just brilliant. I continue to be fascinated with this woman and the words coming out of her mouth. Its pure passion. Pure love.

This woman has blown my Nike socks off. Just check out the lecture as Ana Tijoux loves to preach too.


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