Videos of Laura Sobrino’s funeral

3 Jun

The video’s that you see below are breath taking. Laura Sobrino had her funeral and final farewell on Monday and several videos are popping up all over my facebeook newsfeed. Unfortunately, some are only visible on FB and I cannot post them here. However, here are 2 videos I found on youtube. There are mariachi musicians from all over. Cindy Reifler in the pink suit, the always smiling violin player who helped start Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles. The ladies of Mariachi Mujer 2000 who was Laura’s group. Founding members of Mariachi Sol de Mexico. Rebecca Gonzalez who was the original first female musician in a professional mariachi group in the US along with Laura. The three members of Trio Ellas who were super close to Laura. Not seen in these videos is the “Ave Maria” played with Laura’s violin by Suemy from Trio Ellas and then sung majestically by Juan Mendoza El Tariacuri, nephew of Amalia Mendoza and a fellow judge from a local mariachi competition.

See if this video works too:


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