Boquitas Pintadas

1 Jul

Its been years since I have picked up a book and read on a leisurely basis. What got me to read again? Gloria Trevi. The book is called “Girl Trouble: The True Saga of Superstar Gloria Trevi and the Secret Teenage Sex Cult  that Stunned the World” by Christopher McDougall seen here:

This book was so addicting that I was hardly able to put the book down. Its incredibly entertaining, disturbing, psychological brain twister involving so many of Mexico’s best known singers, public figures, and analysis of the music industry. Its an awesome novela in a book. I must warn you that Mr. McDougall is fabulous at making you think that you are in the room when all of these events are happening. He almost makes you think that he was the author of these events or at least a sports caster giving the play by play of the events in Gloria, Sergio Andrade, Karina Yapor and Aline Hernandez’s life. Mr. McDougall has clearly spent a long time interviewing just about everyone involved in this crazy scandal and even doing research of television, radio interviews and newspaper articles about Gloria and her scandal. Its an addicting book, but at the end I questioned what was real and what was a publicity stunt. And I still question the truth of Gloria and Mary Boquitas role in the recruitment and abuse of many 12 year old girls that served as Sergio Andrade’s sex slaves for many years.

Apart from all these incredible yet probably realistic stories is Gloria’s beginnings as a performer in an all girl rock/pop group called Boquitas Pintadas. The book describes this project as a talented yet failed group of girls for Sergio Andrade. The truth: the singer and piano player were secretly dating each other, Mary Boquitas (bass) had secretly married Sergio Andrade as a 15 year old girl, and he saw no talent in Gloria. In addition, he drilled these girls so hard in one year on music theory, classical music, and stage presence that the group burnt out. After a quick Youtube search I found 2 videos of “Boquitas Pintadas” and let me tell you I was in awe for many reasons.

#1 They were WAAAAAYYYY ahead of their time.

Sergio Andrade wanted to capitalize on the the all girl group craze in the US such as the Bangles and Go-Go’s. He failed to realize that Mexico was not ready to see women playing instruments. In fact, Mexico isn’t really STILL not ready to see an all girl band in the mainstream. Do you see one now?

In addition, their outfits are too unique. There’s no uniformity among the group. Even the poor piano player looks awkward standing up as she is playing.

Their songs?? Absolutely genius. The asshole of Sergio Andrade was a musical genius. His songs were very catchy, Mary Boquitas was a perfect backup singer who was perfectly in tune, Gloria’s parts as synthesizer were perfectly placed, the drumming was quick energetic and catchy… in other words the songs were fantastic. The second mellower song was too mellow and dramatic for an upcoming band PLUS it sounds like Gloria and slow Alejandra Guzman’s music from 1990. Boquitas Pintadas premiered in 1985.  WAYYY ahead of their time.

#2 They were not ALL seasoned performers.

Gloria looks like a little girl who is too excited to be on TV the first time. Mary Boquitas looks amazing singing, dancing, and playing tough to play bass lines (a natural performer) , singer is too stiff…. in other words they lacked the unity as a GROUP.  They were also plagued by horrible sound. The singer’s voice in inaudible the first few seconds of the song. The guitar sounds horrible. The bass in non existent. The drums sound like they are going to fall apart. The synthesizer was way too loud….. Needless to say this was their first and last performance on “Siempre en Domingo”.

In all here are 2 videos of “Boquitas Pintadas”

“Quiero Volver a Ti”

“Se Hace Noche” – Clearly Gloria wrote this song and you can almost hear her voice singing this song instead of Mary Boquitas. Mary Boquitas is a LOVELY performer and is meant to be on stage! She was 15 with no stage experience before this performance.


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