Detox retreats

12 Jul

Recently, I have been plagued with health problems. I am allergic to grass, oak trees, cats and some minor weeds. To “deal” with the symptoms I take Allegra, a nasal spray Flonase and eye drops for allergies. Last year I began allergy shots AKA immunotherapy. Essentially I go every week to get a dose of the 4 things I am allergic to. Then each week the shot dosage is higher and higher until I reach a certain dose. When I get there I stay on that those and eventually the goal is to become immune to the grass, cats, oak trees and minor weeds so that I do not have to take any medications in the long run. Of course this has been kicking my body’s ass. The medication makes me prone to colds and infections. So far I have had 4 colds this year and my sinuses are a mess. And what do doctors do to treat my infections? MORE medication.

To add to this lovely cocktail, my job has sucked massive ass in 2015. Stress, fatigue, and now recently minor anxiety have made its way to my every day life. I have literally spent all of my summer recovering from all  of these shenanigans.

About 2 months ago, my buddy Ruby went to a holistic retreat close to Guadalajara Mexico. It specializes in using food as therapy and water based therapy in an intense form to improve people’s health. Ruby suffers from lupus and inflammation of the body which causes the immune system to turn on itself. As an underground trova musician, I listened closely to one of her radio interviews where she explained her 12 day experience. Its almost like a summer/boot camp style environment. The camp goes for $88 per night which includes all food, teas, therapies, doctor supervision, and your own room. Its cheaper if you want to share with a stranger or more expensive if you want a bigger room and a king size bed. They also teach its guests how to each and combine certain fruits and vegetables. The day starts at 5am with a cold bath followed by a steam bath, food, lymphatic drainage exercises, food, lectures, genital baths (?!), clay therapy, food, tea time, food, mild exercise, another genital bath (?!?!), more therapy, cold bath, and followed by dinner at 8pm. By 9pm you are completely beat and will want to go to bed as the next day starts at 5am. Facebook users give this place very high reviews and have success stories written on the page.  Ruby tells me that the people who are there are stressed out and tired people from Mexico who go once a year. They swear on this place and the massive benefits. Ruby says her infammation was severely improved and she feels with much more energy than ever. Plus the place focuses on detox from all of the chemicals, medications, and  shit we put in our bodies on an every day basis.  It completely focuses on PHYSICAL health. The link to El Centro Naturista de Daniel Arreola can be found here.

The other reasonably priced retreat (many exist in the USA, but they are spiritual retreats or cost something like $4000) is about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. This place focuses also on detox, but on personal transformation, spiritual health as well. It focuses on detaching from the every day life in the woods. They do 100% organic juices and meals, herbal teas, yoga, mild exercise, massage, meditation, sauna use, visits to Hot Springs and nearby waterfalls, breathwork therapy. People can pay extra for foot reflexology, raw foods preparation class, craniosacral therapy and more. Here is link to the place:

The problem is that its almost $1,000 more than El Centro Naturista de Daniel Arreola. And it doesn’t focus on the body as much as El Centro. This place is a more balanced locale: food, body, and mental health. However, this is also in the US. NOT in Mexico where El Chapo Guzman just escaped and may possibly escalate the drug cartel war. Makes me have many second thoughts about going to Guadalajara. But I do want to focus on my body. No harm in helping balance other aspects in our life like our body and mental health. But I would love to focus on my body first.  So yes, I have about a week to make up my mind before I have to make a choice. I would love to go before my vacation is over. What a great way to start the school year and clean my body and mind. Now the question: which one should I go to ??????????????????


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