Los Tres Tristes Tigres

24 Jul

In the middle of all these health issues I have had, I ran into Los Tres Tristes Tigres and have become an instant fan. They are a trio of young musicians who parody Mexican pop culture into music. And they don’t just play their songs. They actually have comedic routines weaved into their performances. Every week they upload a new song on youtube based on current events. And every week they make me and thousands of followers laugh and smile. The even more amazing part is that they are incredibly versitile singers and musicians plus they cover different Latino genres. One minute they are doing cumbias, then norteñas, then covering Cafe Tacvba,  then corridos, then banda, then trio style music. Plus they are the first to use an iPad on the app “GarageBand” as an actual instrument. In fact Chuy uses an app called  “Accordeon” to play a digital accordeon. Yes! AND  AND their videos are always recorded live on one take so you can hear some mistakes here and there. I hope they come to the US one day because I would totally go to see them.

Here is their most famous video, a parody of Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon. In this song they refer to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all of the social media.

They also have “El Corrido de Donald Trump” “El Corrido de Memo Ochoa,”  “El Chingadazo” as a parady of “El Tucanazo”

One of my favorites is also a cover of OV7’s “Te Quiero Tanto” called “Te Pega tu Vieja” seen here:

My favorite of the three guys? Its Chuy the fluffy multi-instrumentalist that has the best facial expressions!

And my sister’s favorite “Ya Deja el Celular” with a live banda

This is a fabulous play on words and their ability to play around with the audience. This song is called “Amor de Ver-ano”


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