Sacred Springs Retreat

5 Aug

I chose the CA Sacred Springs Retreat. I was there for 5 days and it changed my life forever. When you are conscious about certain things you can no longer ignore them and that is what continues to happen to me. To give a quick run down of the retreat there was Reiki, Gong Chi, Yoga, meditation, breathwork, a trip to a hot springs resort with too many undressed older people, foot reflexology, counseling, ionic foot detox, raw food, hiking to a waterfall, a small close knit support group and more. Apart from being stalked by 3 lovely deer, almost drowning in the waterfall, and almost dehydrating several times in 110 degree heat, this has been such a positive and life changing experience. There is a huge emphasis on how the emotional and physical components are connected. And it all happened in 5 days. Here is a recap of the things I learned at the retreat:

  • we must respect our bodies by treating them well with food and exercise. The biggest form of respect is not towards others, but towards ourselves. Treat your body like a temple. Laziness is a form of disrespect towards our bodies.
  • Take care of the person most important in your life; you.
  • immerse yourself in the present moment. The power of NOW. Ignore the past because its easy to dwell. The future is fear of the unknown and can also mess with our heads.
  • Yoga = awesome = breathing, balance, core work, and stretching
  • dancing is one of the most natural forms of freedom and expression. Dance like nobody is watching. If you forget what that is like watch kinder students dance. They have no mental blocks.
  • find people who truly support you and treasure them. Figure out which people pretend to support you, but really don’t. Then get them out of your life or at least from your inner circle. Embrace those people who love and support you unconditionally in your times of greatest need. Its the little things that count.
  • Positive words and thoughts take effort. Negative words and thoughts are easy and are more hurtful.
  • Probiotics, chia seeds, lemon water, Apple cider vinegar, saurkraut and kimchi are some of the best food that can support health.
  • The mind and body connect with each other. Often our minds take over and we don’t listen to our bodies. We need to stop to nurture our body.
  • Its ok to have feeling and emotions. Embrace those feelings and figure out how they might eventually manifest itself in your body.
  • A plant based diet can truly be life changing. I came back with almost no acne and feeling great. My heartrate also came down and I don’t get tired as easily. I need to figure out how to cook some yummy items especially how to make myself feel full for breakfast. Maybe I need to incorporate some protein in there.
  • I learned to breathe using my diaphragm. Its called deep breathing and is highly useful for meditation.
  • Meditate 1 or 2 times a day for about 15 minutes.
  • I can take care of my body because I am conscious of it. My body needs me.

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